The top 7 excuses not to start your own internet business

Many people like the idea of starting their own online business but what’s stopping them? You can build an online business around an existing job, start with low overheads, work on it at any time in any location given an internet connection. An internet business is the ultimate flexible job and provided you actually work on it, you can build it up to overtake and eventually replace your existing income.earl-nightingale

Here are a few reasons why you might avoid taking the plunge, despite all these obvious benefits:

  • You don’t believe it will work for you. This one is probably the biggest reason why many people don’t take action to make their dreams a reality. They have bought into the idea that what they are now is all they will ever be. Making changes takes time and effort and you have to believe something is possible before taking action. Therefore this is really a reason which is grounded in your belief system. The digital marketplace is allowing people to live lives which were not possible only a few years ago. It is our deeply ingrained beliefs which hold us in the lives which we accept as our reality.

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  • You discredit the idea because a friend tried it and ‘failed’. Working your own business isn’t for everyone. For many the comfort of a regular paycheck is all they want and they accept that that means they will have a boss and have to turn up for work in a predetermined format. For those who want more control in their lives an internet business allows this control freedom and flexibility, but only if you want it bad enough to work for it!
  • You don’t have the time. Again this is a choice and many successful online entrepreneurs have made a success of their online business while working a full time job and having a family.
  • You can’t afford it. Training and learning a new skill costs money, time and commitment and running an online business is no different. The people who choose an internet business know what it means to run their own lives and be free from a boss, regular working hours and time commitments. By making a commitment to a business which allows the kind of freedom which most people never have, making a sacrifice in another area of your life so that it can happen is a small price to pay. You can always find the money for something you truly want.


  • You don’t believe you’re worth it. You might disagree with this one but lack of self esteem is one thing that can prevent you from striving for something better in your life. You accept the status quo and never try for anything other the ‘norm’. Believing in yourself is the first step towards a bigger and better life. Have a look at ‘The New Psycho-Cybernetics’ by Maxwell Maltz on the right of the page.
  • It’s a con! Many people are un-trusting of online businesses and for good reason. There are many people who attempt to take your money and have no desire to help you to succeed. Trust needs to be earned. However take a look at the likes of Amazon and Ebay which are now massive online businesses who outsell most physical franchises. 20 years ago it was a different story. People now trust theses companies and use them every day. This trend will continue to grow and you can be a part of it.
  • I’m no good with the computer. This again is an old belief of internet businesses and although a basic knowledge is useful, almost anyone can learn how to use the tools and software available which make an online business possible. New software has made it much easier for the novice to learn and run programs which were previously only accessible to the tech savvy.

In large part the resistance to the huge possibilities of owning and running an internet business is down to mental resistance. We are conditioned to believe in a certain way and the longer we hang on to these ideas, the harder it is for them to change. To make the transition from the industrial age to the digital age we must change our ideas about what is possible. The technology already exists to allow much greater personal freedom and flexibility through the use of digital software and the internet. If we could only align ourselves with this technology, by allowing our beliefs to change around what is possible, then we can live with more freedom and happiness and without the mental chains of the working mentality brought by the industrial age: trading time for money, a place of work, capped income, regular hours, subjected to conditions determined by someone else, commuting at the same time as everyone else, limited time off work.learn affiliate marketing basics

You can change your ideas around these archaic concepts and allow yourself to choose some new beliefs: total time and geographical freedom, uncapped income, work anywhere with a laptop, choose your own working patterns, determine your own conditions, no commute, leveraging technology to replace the time for money equation, choose when to take holidays.

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