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Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal - Earl Nightingale

What is The Strangest Secret?

Earl Nightingale suggests that the strangest secret is that the things we value which cost money can easily be replaced whereas the things we get for free, which we take for granted can never be be replaced. It is because we take such things for granted like our very lives, our bodies and our minds that we fail to realise how powerful they are.

How do we use our lives, our minds and bodies? The average person cares more about their possessions than their own body.  Most people simply follow others and have no more direction in life than those they are following at any given time. For those who have realised how powerful their minds are, the world is an exciting adventure and anything is possible. But unfortunately for most people the world is a puzzle and they are lost in it, unsure of where to turn.

“We become what we think about” – Is the strangest secret.

It is not only our inner narrative which directs our world, but our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. Our dominant mental attitude is creating our future every moment of our lives. It is drawing things, people, events and circumstances towards us like a magnet. If our thoughts are based around fear, hatred and uncertainty, we draw like circumstances towards us. This is the secret of which Earl Nightingale is talking.

How many of your thoughts and ideas are truly yours? How many have you inherited from your upbringing, location and culture? If you were born on the opposite side of the planet how would you be different? How would you think differently?

You might argue that your particular circumstances are very different to this concept. You might say that things in life have been hard and that no amount of ‘positive thinking’ has changed anything. I was a huge advocate to positive thinking in my 20’s and it wasn’t until later that I realised my positive thinking only happened for probably 5% of the day. The rest of the time I was just being me! The rest of the time I was angry, stubborn, and mistrustful of the world. The world was a place to be feared – only because it reflected my attitudes.

But the world will test your resolve. It is not simply a matter of having a positive outlook, you must act in positive ways, create positive actions. Overcoming difficulties will test you. If you haven’t found the right job or business then it is your purpose to find it. If something is not right in your life it is your job to fix it.

The Strangest Secret PDF – Put To The Test

No-one else can do it for you. No amount of theorising will actually change your life however, “whether you think you can do something or you can’t you’re right” – Henry Ford.

The person who believes something can be done will start to think of ways to achieve it. The person who doesn’t believe something can be done, won’t even try. See The Magic Of Thinking Big PDF.

the strangest secret pdf

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