The Six Figure Mentors

The Six Figure Mentors has been created by Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross and is an education platform for anyone starting out online who wants to build their own online business. Stuart and Jay’s mentorship program teaches a number of specific skills for affiliate marketing:

  • How to sell affiliate products online
  • How to build a list of subscribers
  • Advertising methods available
  • Targeting specific audiences
  • Blogging and video creation
  • What to sell for best results

You can access the startup bundle here or click the banner below.

the six figure mentors

The Six Figure Mentors – What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply selling and promoting other people’s products online. The affiliate marketing model means than anyone with a laptop and internet connection can promote and sell products without having to:

  • Store any stock
  • Speak to any customers
  • Deliver any products personally

This makes affiliate marketing one of the most flexible business models available. However it does come with some flaws:

  • You promote the product but the vendor gets the customer
  • You only get paid for the initial sale
  • You don’t get paid for repeat custom
  • You pass all your leads to the vendor

With The Six Figure Mentors this is different. You get commission for back-end sales. With most affiliate products you wouldn’t. So if the customer you referred goes on to buy further products and services in the future, you still get the credit. In addition, you also get to keep the customer through building your own list of subscribers.

The Six Figure Mentors
Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek at a training event in London

The Six Figure Mentors

The business model of The Six Figure Mentors is different too. With normal affiliate marketing you promote a basic product and get a commission on the sale. With affiliate marketing you can choose which products to sell. With digital products, which offer some of the best commission for affiliates, you usually make around $50 on a sale of a $100 product. Digital products work well for affiliate because of the high level of commission offered. Physical products tend to have a lower level of commission. Here are a few other benefits of being a member of The Six Figure Mentors:

High Ticket Commissions

Selling high priced items is a good strategy when working as an affiliate. Especially when you can earn up to 50% commission. Rather than trying to sell 100 items at $100 – which would make $5000 based on a 50% commission, you can sell only 5 (high ticket) items for $2000 per item. It is much easier to sell 5 items at the higher price than 100 items.

Monthly Memberships

Some affiliate products carry a monthly membership which rewards affiliates month after month. This is again a simple strategy which gives the affiliate marketer a better chance of success in the long run. Rather than only selling ‘hit and run’ style and making a ‘one off’ commission, sell memberships and make a monthly commission from each sale – for the lifetime of the membership. 

Other Levels Of Membership

There are several levels of membership to The Six Figure Mentors. At the highest level DEA Black, you can benefit from the highest level of commission on products priced up $20,000. At lower levels of membership you can still benefit from the sales of these kinds of products, but at a lower level of commission. For more on this see Six Figure Mentors Compensation plan.

Built in Sales Team

If you’re not naturally a seller, you can also benefits from the built in sales team at The SFM. Having a system in place which takes care of your sales for you is a great benefit. After you have referred a sale, not only does your member have access to the back office with their own personal SFM consultant, but they also will be notified of seminars, training and products once in the system. What this means for affiliates is that there is a dedicated sales team working on your behalf, making you further commissions down the road.

Education Platform

The education platform offers would-be online marketers access to all the software they will need to successfully create their own online business. This includes:

  • Training platform
  • E-commerce platform
  • Email follow series
  • Video customiser
  • Lead capture page creator
  • Social media image manager
  • Tracking
  • One click WordPress install
  • Unlimited hosting
  • Domain management
  • Custom URL shortener
  • Plus a lot more

Community Of People

One of the most impressive things about The Six Figure Mentors is its community. As part of the community you can interact with other members who can offer you help and advice. In no other online platform have I seen this happen before. There are several Facebook groups which you can also join and motivational challenges to keep you on the straight and narrow. The many webinars and back dated video seminars are also invaluable for any subject you need any help on.

Live Seminars

The live seminars run around the world and are accessible for any level of membership. Here is a chance to meet people ‘in the flesh’ which, again, many online education platforms never offer. The seminars are always well attended and run by Stuart and Jay themselves. Here’s a picture of me and Jay Kubassek (co-founder) at an event in London.

the sic figure mentors

Access The Six Figure Mentors Program

You can currently access the training platform for free for a full 30 days (previously $29.95). Click this link to get full access today and get started today.

the six figure mentors

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