The power of gratitude and burnout

When you’re running your own business or are self employed it is important to recognize when you are reaching burnout. As a self employed business owner you can easily find yourself working all hours and never giving yourself a much needed break. Business can become mundane and boring to the point of indifference. It is here where you need to stop, take a break and be grateful for what you have already achieved. Far too often benchmarks for success in your daily life get ignored for the long term goals to the point where you can forget how far you have come. You never stop and appreciate what you have already achieved. Owning your own business is a privilege which gives you control over your own life. No matter what your short term achievements have been, you are in a lucky position, especially if you have your own business and control over your own life.

Giving yourself a reward is something which is definitely necessary to maintain consistency for the long term. Sometimes the weekend break or the holiday can give you the much needed overview on your business to recognize what is needed to move things forwards. Set yourself some targets and reward yourself frequently when you hit them. With an internet business you can set targets of achievable goals which need not be monetary goals. Make a point of being grateful for the freedom which your business gives you. Often we spend our lives continually looking to the things which we don’t have. This is a recipe for disaster as there will always be things outside of your reach. Instead, focus on what you have and have achieved already. Look at how far you have come in the last 5-10 years. What have you learned? What have you done differently? Are your results the same or have they changed?

Being grateful takes the pressure of continually doing off you and allows you to be present, instead of continually focusing on the future and what has to be done.

Here are some of the benefits of owning your own (internet) business which I count myself lucky to be a part of:

Having an online business which can be worked on at any time and anywhere – providing you have a laptop and internet connection.

Income is related to not just the amount of work you put in but of your understanding of how the business works. Working smart, not just hard. You get paid appropriately for the value you give. I like this way of working as it empowers you to become better. I never did like jobs where you get away with doing nothing!

An internet business can be picked up and dropped off whenever you like. You choose how much you work on it! Of course your income will be relative to your work ethic to an extent, but you can decide when to take a break or not. You are the boss!

With an internet business you don’t have any employees or staff to take care of. You don’t need to sell directly or speak to anyone if you choose not to. You can of course outsource things which you don’t want to do – again another flexible perk to owning your own business.

There are many of these things which apply to a normal self employed business and for many I would say being your own boss is definitely one of the best perks of working for yourself. With it, however, comes the responsibility to turn a profit.

To learn how to run your own internet business, starting from scratch and with no products needed, or, if you are already running your own internet business, as I was, and need the help of a mentor to make things work, check out Stuart Ross’s video here and sign up to the free video series.



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