The magic of building a list

If you are new to internet marketing you may not yet have found the magic of building a list of subscribers. Although the internet business has taken a while for me to learn I have made some huge steps forward thanks to the help of the sfm. (Details here). Building a list has got to be the best way to make an income from your laptop. Of course you need to know how to build a list, and regularly communicate value to that list in order to build trust. Then you need some awesome products which you truly believe in to offer to your valued subscribers.

When I started looking to the internet as a means of income I was confounded by overwhelm and tried one ‘system’ and then another. None of them had any lasting value because I was too ‘fickle’ and never stuck to any one of them for long enough to make it happen. I am sure that this happens for thousands of would-be internet marketers and affiliates. It is the much needed stubbornness of mind to continue past all the failures, which leads to small successes. These small successes are then the building block of much larger success. All of the successful internet marketers today started right at the bottom of the ladder.

Today I am struck by the power of compounding and this is what makes the internet such a viable option for making money. Small successes are hard to come by sometimes with an internet business. When you don’t know what to do and who to trust you can easily get distracted by the many self proclaimed ‘gurus’ of the industry. The outrageous claims of money making are so far from the reality of what most people aspire to, that they are simply dismissed. However I have glimpsed some light today and feel truly inspired. The people making such claims have spent years of their life working on building and fine tuning their lists, their products and their approach to marketing. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Although I still consider myself a student when it comes to running an internet business, I have noticed that small changes in my daily habits are generating results. Like anything you need to put the work in for an internet business to work – but you also need to put in the right type of work – (and not be a busy fool).  My early insecurities led me to become disenchanted at my lack of results which affected my belief. As a result I lost motivation and stopped and therefore there were no results. It sounds like a zen riddle but the magic ingredient is belief.

List building is a sure fire way to take control of your marketing. Adverts cost money, Google organics takes time. There are millions of websites to compete for attention. Once you have a list you can work on building it and offering value to your subscribers. When your subscribers trust you, you can offer them useful products which will help them. Although building a list takes time and initially you need to put in some time and money, it is probably the best thing you can do to build a long term and sustainable business from the internet. Waiting for people to land on your website so you can sell them something is not the best way forwards. Finding quality high end digital products, building a list and offering value, and then marketing those products to your list of subscribers (while offering value) is the best way to build a solid foundation to your internet business.

To learn how you can do this take at look at Stuarts video here.

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