The benefits of owning an online business

Owning an online business sounds sounds like a great plan in terms of benefits, but will only provide the desirable outcomes after you put in the work up front. Like anything, you get out of it what you put in. If you have the time and motivation to work towards having your own online business, the results can be amazing. There are many obstacles to climb on the way and the kind of success you can achieve from an online business isn’t won easily. But if you can persevere long enough to see what kind of life it can lead to, it will be well worth the effort:

  • An online business can be worked on anywhere in the world with a laptop and internet connection. This benefit speaks for itself and this ‘perk’ is particularly significant if you like to travel. It takes discipline of course to work while you arejobs that involve travel travelling but this is a small price to pay for the freedom this allows you. Not being tied to any geographical location, work place or boss is something very few industries can offer.
  • Being your own boss allows you to choose your priorities in life. This is a massive benefit of owning your own life. Having your own business which is completely flexible in terms of time and location can mean that you can fit it around all other circumstances and priorities. This could mean allowing you to pursue another career, more time for family, holidays or travel. Providing you set aside time to work on your business, it can work for you by allowing you a greater flexibility within your life, and freeing up time which would have been previously spent in a workplace.
  • You can set yourself free from the workplace, a boss, and the politics of the office. Often it’s not the ‘job’ you dislike but the circumstances surrounding it: the boss, the politics and the need for dumbing down to keep hold of your job! Over time this can eat its way into you and make you depressed, listless and apathetic. If this is not you, it’s an extremely hard line to walk between making a living and ‘fitting in’. Having your own business allows you to be you you want to be, without the controlling interests of managers, bosses and co-workers.
  • You can eliminate much of the tiresome chores which surround a ‘job’. Things like the commute to and from work where you sit for an hour in traffic with all the others at both ends of the day. That’s 2 hours you have found straight away to work on your business (assuming only an hour commute each way). The after-work obligations and trying to ‘look’ keen for the manager. All the other work related thinking and organizing which is eating into your life!learn affiliate marketing basics
  • With an online business you can set up systems and tools which run 24/7. The tools and systems now available for an online business allow you to operate adverts, websites and sales funnels largely on autopilot on a continuous basis. This means you can concentrate on the elements of your business which need the most attention, and let the the internet leverage your time. This is something you can only do in a ‘physical’ business with a huge team of people and a number of staff.
  • You can outsource the things you don’t want to do yourself. If there is an element of your business you don’t really like you can outsource it very cheaply on the internet and choose to do the activities which suit you best. Stuart Ross (co-founder of the SFM professes to having done years of chasing people and cold calling before finding out the power of attraction marketing and using the internet to leverage his time).

To learn how you can use the same tools, systems and business model which Stuart Ross used to escape his job within 6 months and create a completely flexible lifestyle.

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