The amazing power of your intent

We are born free and we become enslaved by limiting ideas, theologies and beliefs. It is only when we realize that it is our own limiting paradigms which hold us where we are in life, that we can truly escape our inherited limitations. We can’t escape them simply by knowing they are there, of course. They are buried deep in our subconscious minds. Increasing our awareness of our limiting ideas, and making some realizations about what they are and where they have come from, can help us. Much of our beliefs will have come from our childhood and the beliefs and ideas of people around us as we grew up.

Take a look at this video which I shared in a post back in August 2015. Here’s the post entitled affirmations, mantras and positive intention.

Bob Proctor shares some pretty powerful concepts in this video. Take a look at the affirmation he shares at 10.00 minutes in. It’s an affirmation about money, gratitude and the relationship they both have in your life. I have to admit when I first started using this mantra, it wasn’t true for me. I had a fair amount of resistance to the ideas within it. Here’s the mantra:

“I am so happy and grateful now, (I wasn’t) that money comes to me, (it didn’t) in increasing quantities, through multiple sources on a continuous basis”

why belief is so important for affiliate marketers

The more I used this mantra, the more I noticed my own resistance to the ideas within it. Try it yourself, I highly recommend it. Since the time of writing the article back in August 2015 it has had magical results in my life. I recommend using it on a continual basis for maximum results or at least 100 times a day.

It is mantras like these which can help you to locate limiting beliefs which you hold dearly as your own – the kind of ideas which are holding you back from living up to your true potential. A good way to route them out is to write down a few goals and next to each write down why you haven’t attained it yet. This will often route out some negative ideas which you might have about yourself. Once you have discovered them write out the opposite positive belief and start using it as a mantra.

Here is an example:

Goal – A job I really want by June 2016

Question – why don’t I have it yet? – I’m not good enough/don’t have the training/ am not confident etc.

Opposite belief – I deserve a job I love, I am good enough,  I can get the necessary training, I am confident etc.

As you repeat the mantras you will find it become less difficult over time and slowly you will begin to change the negative belief about yourself. Here’s a great book on belief which will help you dig out some of your limiting beliefs and fine tune a mantra which is suitable for you according to what it is you want. It’s a great book but be prepared for some tasks and it’s a doing book not just an academic book. It’s not just for money either but it works great for creating more of that especially.


 The amazing power of your intent

Part of the reason why we don’t get everything we want in life is that we accept the normal and the status-quo without questioning it. We fall easily into societies ‘norms’ because that is what is most acceptable from our peer group. When something gets in the way of our pursuit for something more, which it inevitably will, we give up too easily and accept what is rather than continuing forwards towards our goal. The power of our initial intent is watered down by life’s obstacles and mediocrity. We must continue to question our beliefs and attitudes and break through our comfort zones in order to make a better life for ourselves – if this is what we want!

Inner demons and negative self talk

Our inner demons and negative self image can be very destructive for our intentions for a happy and prosperous life, holding us back because of lack of confidence, fear, past history and other emotional baggage. It can drag us down and even destroy us! The same power of our constant thinking processes can hurt or help us. We must take control of our thinking and steer it on the right path if we are to create what we want in life. Dwelling on the negative and getting lost in doubt, fear, procrastination can lead to depression, anxiety and a limited view on life. As a result life becomes limited and life mirrors your inner world. “As we think so we become” – Buddha. In Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ he talks about the mind being a “fertile garden in which weeds will grow in abundance” if not tended to properly. Similarly, positive thoughts and intentions can manifest a beautiful garden!

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