Target Marketing Articles

Target marketing articles are simply articles which are targeted for a specific audience. To market your particular niche on the internet, you must write for your target audience.

How to know your target audience

To find your target audience you need to brainstorm a number of subcategories which your ideal customer might be interested in. Let’s say for instance your business is in pets. Your ideal customer may be interested in various related topics around their pet such as grooming, feeding, pet health, dog walking, best food for your pet, bird cages, crate training for dogs and so on. With each subcategory you can find another layer of interest in any particular subject.

For example, taking ‘crate training for dogs’ and typing it into the Keyword Planner you will get a host of other keywords within the niche of dog create training. With each new keyword phrase you can niche further down and look for the least competitive key-phrases to build your articles around. Use Google’s keyword planner to niche down and find longer tail keyword chains which can become your article titles.



Short keyword chains such as ‘dog walking’ are going to be very competitive and it would be very difficult to rank your article on Google for this term. However as you niche down and find longer more obscure keyword chains like “dog walking belt” or “crate training for dogs”, for example, you can begin to see there is some space for target marketing articles which could rank for certain keywords and hopefully get some free traffic to your website.

How to target your articles to specific interests

Once you have found your target audience and refined some of the things they are looking for on the internet, you need to write some articles which will help them solve a related problem or give them some advice which will benefit them in some way. Your long tail keyword should be targeted at your particular niche and have something in common with whatever you are offering on your website. Generally the longer the tail of your keyword the more likely you are to get near the top of Google for that particular term.

Taking the above example of “dog walking belt”, this should be the title of your article. I use a program called WordPress SEO by Yoast which helps you check the targeted keyword is placed prominently in your article. It needs to be in the title, meta description, tags and somewhere in your text. You can install the plugin free on a wordpress site. Just do a Google search for it.

Why not target more popular keywords?

As you type in keywords to the keyword planner you will see some of them will have many more views per month than others. If you then put the same keyword into Google in quotes like so: “dog walking belt” you will get some idea of the amount of competing pages for this particular keyword. Please note this search will bring up a number on most home computers and laptops but it doesn’t always work on tablets or mobile phones. This number should be below 10,000 (and ideally below 5,000) in order to have any chance of ranking at all. Any more than this means you probably won’t rank for it unless you have a very large site with a huge page authority. As your site grows you can compete for the more competitive keywords.

Choosing the best keywords to write targeted articles

Your long tail keywords may not get a huge amount of monthly visits but it is much better to rank top for a keyword chain which gets 20 visits a month than to rank on page 5 for a keyword which gets 2000 visits a month. Your more competitive keyword will be less likely to bring in any visits being on page 5 than your less competitive one, even though there are fewer searches for it.

So to recap how to build a site full of target marketing articles:

1. Define your audience and niche down to find long tail keywords

2. Check for competition using the “phrase check on Google”

3. Build your article using WordPress SEO by Yoast

Please drop any questions about this in the comments section below, or sign up on the right for more info. Many thanks and good luck with your target marketing articles. 



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