Lifestyle Business Definition

The lifestyle business definition is a business which is built around a certain life situation. For example, a SCUBA diving instructor can be said to have a lifestyle business. They get to travel, dive regularly and enjoy a great social life. Another lifestyle business might be that of an online entrepreneur.

Online businesses give people the flexibility to work whenever and wherever they choose. Providing there is an internet connection and you have a laptop, lifestyle businesses can allow you to work from anywhere.

Lifestyle Business Definition – Location Freedom

lifestyle business definition

Wikipedia defines a lifestyle business as “a business set up and run by its founders primarily with the aim of sustaining a particular level of income and no more; or to provide a foundation from which to enjoy a particular lifestyle.”

Lifestyle businesses today tend to mean internet based businesses. An internet based business can allow more freedom and flexibility than a normal 9 to 5 job, for example. Providing your income is built up and sustained, you can work entirely from your laptop with an internet based business. This means you don’t need an employer or a place of work. Without being tied to an office or a physical location, you can build almost any lifestyle you can think of, depending on your income.

Most people’s lifestyle’s are built around their incomes. Regular jobs often mean you need to stay in one place in order to keep turning up to work. This isn’t the case with an internet based business.

What Is A Lifestyle Business? – Flexible Working Times

lifestyle business definition
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A lifestyle business typically refers to a flexible business model which allows a lot of freedom. An internet business allows you to work from anywhere from your laptop. How does this work and how can you make money from your laptop? There are various business models which can run from a laptop. The two main categories which offer lifestyle businesses are affiliate marketing and drop shipping. Both strategies allow anyone to build a business through online advertising or a website and scale up to reach a global audience. By using other people’s products, they can also automate their businesses.

Drop shipping companies fulfil order which they have referred. The same is true of affiliate marketing. By sending qualified website traffic to various offers and services on the internet, online marketers can earn commissions on products which other people deliver. The online marketers are basically the ‘sales people’ of the internet age. But rather than knocking door to door with their wares, they use technology to target a global customer base.

Lifestyle Business Definition – No Boss

What makes a “laptop lifestyle” the lifestyle business definition? A lifestyle business definition could be any business which gives you the lifestyle you want. Even a traditional business could be a lifestyle business. However, a traditional business tends to be a physical business which is based around a certain location. The lifestyle of an internet business has built in flexibility and location freedom. This means you can work from anywhere geographically. However, there’s another reason why an internet business is a lifestyle business. It’s because it offers the ability to grow and scale online sales independently of an employer.

Anyone can now build an internet based business and scale up to a global audience. Tools, strategies and techniques allow you to stop trading time for money and to leverage the internet to work on your behalf instead. Most normal jobs and businesses operate on the time honoured strategy of trading time for money.

Lifestyle Business – Stop Trading Time For Money

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An internet business is different. The lifestyle business definition often relates to an internet business because of the ability to generate multiple sales over and over. This can be done with online marketing, sales funnels and digital products. By building a sales model based on the sales of digital products, an online business is able to sell automatically and globally.

This means you have a global reach and automation factored into the business model. This not only gives you time freedom but financial freedom too. This works when you have built the business model and begin to use advertising to make sales. As you sales grow you can scale up your advertising methods massively. Once systems are working for you, your business is effectively running without you. You can ‘tweak’ your advertising campaigns to make them more efficient, but on the whole, your business is running without you.

What’s A Lifestyle Business? – A Scalable Business Model With Freedom Built In

lifestyle business definition

A lifestyle business lets you work around existing employment and build up your online business over time. Eventually, and depending on how much time you can put into it, your online business can give you enough income to leave paid employment and go full time. Once your business is running, you can scale up up with paid advertising too. Remember an online business which sells digital products is international. This means you have a global audience. For most businesses, the potential customer base is limited to your local area. An online business can reach anyone globally with an internet connection. This makes it very scalable. Scaling up a business to reach more customers is done over time and once a profitable advertising campaign is reached.

Most businesses once they reach their ‘peak performance’ require you to work more and employ more staff. You are tied to your business once it gets more profitable. An online business is often the definition of a lifestyle business because the model allows you to escape the business once you have built it! You can run the business automatically 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, even when you are not physically there. The work is done beforehand and the systems which run automatically are running your business. These are systems like:

  • Websites,
  • Sales pages
  • Online checkouts
  • Automated email software
  • Automated membership websites
  • Webinars, seminars and videos (pre-created)
  • Blog content and online advertising which runs 24/7

Lifestyle Business – Start Yours Today

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What is a lifestyle business?

A lifestyle business as defined by Wikipedia is “a business set up and run by its founders primarily with the aim of sustaining a particular level of income and no more; or to provide a foundation from which to enjoy a particular lifestyle.”

I would argue however, that a lifestyle business is whatever you want it to be according to your particular needs, goals and desires! Reaching a particular level of income is the first step but with an affiliate marketing business model the “and no more” statement in the Wikipedia definition is inaccurate! This implies limitation. Many affiliate marketers get into this business particularly because there is no limit to earning potential. Of course it doesn’t start out this way but like any business it can grow. In the case of affiliate marketing, it can grow exponentially.

jobs that involve travel
Work from anywhere with a lifestyle business


How I came to a lifestyle business

I started to learn online marketing several years ago particularly because it can be worked around any other job or lifestyle. You can pick it up and put it down whenever you like. This is one of the beauties of the online business model. I worked, and still work, in the entertainment industry (see my page on IMDB) and the work was initially very hit and miss. I would get some work and then be unemployed for a while.

My first stunt job on 'Enduring Love'
My first job on ‘Enduring Love’

Stunt work is much like the acting world. I had several jobs but soon realized that very few employers cared about my ‘other’ work and simply wanted someone reliable and dependent on them for their income! I wouldn’t want someone disappearing off at the drop of a hat either, for potentially weeks at a time!

Stuart Ross's lifestyle business
Stuart Ross’s lifestyle business

Because of this irregular work pattern I was forced to look for alternative sources of income and the internet ticked all those boxes. It allowed me to work independently from a laptop from anywhere, provided I had an internet connection.

The lifestyle business of affiliate marketing allows anyone to run their own online business, sell products anywhere around the world and all without even holding any stock, talking to any customers and delivering anything personally. You don’t need any staff and there is no direct selling. So what’s the catch?

What does it involve?

What you do need to do is deliver information which is of value, or find customers for products which you then can refer them to. As an affiliate, you are simply referring products to likely customers through advertising, websites, blogs or email lists.

Why is this a lifestyle business?

This business model can be operated from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. What this means is that anyone can run such a business and it can be run around existing commitments. It not only allows you to travel while working but it gives you the opportunity to avoid lengthy commutes, spend more time with friends and family and choose your working hours and even geographical location. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

learn affiliate marketing basics
Forget the lengthy commute with a lifestyle business

How can I get started with my own lifestyle business? 

Anyone who can use an email can learn how to run a successful online business. However, there are new skills to learn and master. Fortunately most of the work has now become much easier due to new software development over the last few years. Previously, building an online business was much harder. Now, much of the work has already been done for you. You can have a fully populated website up an running with only a few clicks of your mouse which is already set to earn money with this system.

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