Clickbank affiliate marketing tutorial

Below I have shared a recent Clickbank affiliate marketing tutorial. Scroll down to get to the video. Clickbank is where many affiliate marketers begin with their own online businesses. It is a marketplace for digital products and allows anyone to promote and sell other people’s products to earn up to 75% commissions on the sale. That is more that the creator of the product earns on each sale! Not all products offer this amount of commission however but it is usually upwards of 40%. The vendors or creators of these products need affiliates to market them and get people to see them. You can also create your own products and market them on the site, allowing affiliates to promote your product or service.

One of the attractive reasons to become an affiliate marketer is that it enables you to work solely from your laptop and of course this can be a completely portable business. What is most important to affiliates is traffic. Affiliates use websites, blogs and advertising to put their affiliate link in front of prospective online shoppers. The recent growth in online spending means that more companies now offer affiliate programs and so you can promote thousands of online goods, services and digital products. Although Clickbank is known for its digital products, there are also many websites such as Amazon and Ebay, (to name a couple of the big players), which also offer the opportunity of selling goods without holding any stock, having any employees or sending anything out. All of the customer service is carried out by the vendor so the soul responsibility of the affiliate is to direct buying customers to a website or webpage.

Selling digital products through Clickbank is one thing, but the average price of an item on the site is around $100. If your average commission is 50% that means you can make $50 on each sale. This is great if you can sell hundreds of items through a busy website or a larger email list. However selling high ticket items is a completely different level. Imagine you could sell products which offered 40% commission on a price tag of up to $20,000. Well you can! Check out this page to see how. (You can’t do this through Clickbank).

Starting an account with an affiliate marketing company is easy. Simply ‘Google’ a service in your niche with affiliate program in the text. For example if you run a pet shop do a search for “pet shop affiliate program” on Google. You should get a few results. Choose the product you like the best and join their affiliate program (there is usually a link on their homepage either at the top or bottom). You can now sell their products on your site for commissions.

Take a look at this quick 3 minute video which gives a brief overview to clickbank.