Top Earning Affiliate Programs

The top earning affiliate programs have a few things in common. Unlike the one-off sales for $100 from which you can make 50% commission, top earning affiliate products have high ticket items. A high ticket item can sell for up to $20,000+ and so commissions on these items are therefore much higher.

Given 50% commission you can earn $50 on a small value item, or $10,000 on a high ticket item. Given that much of the work you will do as an affiliate will be the same in both cases, it makes sense to choose the higher value products.

top earning affiliate products

Top Earning Affiliate Products – Other Considerations

Top earning affiliate products are not just limited to high ticket commission either. A good affiliate product to choose for an affiliate will also have:

  • Membership sales – Selling single items can make you a single commission. Selling memberships can make you commissions every month for the duration of the membership. So it makes sense to choose affiliate products with memberships attached.
  • Community – Communities mean people will stay longer in a membership because there is more value. People can help each other and build relationships which will mean their memberships will last longer than those without a helpful and thriving community.
  • High Ticket Sales – As already mentioned high ticket sales mean high ticket commissions. If you’re going to promote products online, this one consideration will make a massive difference to your bottom line. You would need to sell 20 products at $100 (given 50% commission) to make the same as a single high ticket product sale at $2000, all things being equal.
  • Up-sell products – Up-selling is the selling of higher value items to existing customers. Some customers will only want the basic version. However, by having a range of high ticket products such as mastermind workshops and franchise type products, you can benefit from further sales which come from your initial sale.
  • A built in sales team – This goes hand-in-hand with the up-sell products. By having a sales system and team built in to your affiliate products you can benefit from further sales from customers who you initially referred. There is no more work required on your part to make these sales.

top earning affiliate products

Top Earning Affiliate Programs – Leverage

Another reason for choosing top earning affiliate programs is the leverage it gives you against advertising costs. Back end sales can mean you can quickly recoup your advertising costs from high ticket sales and then from upgrades and further monthly commissions. Selling a single product with paid for advertising doesn’t have these benefits.

Top Earning Affiliate Products – Benefits

Although the top earners in affiliate marketing don’t get there overnight, there is a lot to be won from creating your own affiliate marketing business:

  • You are your own boss
  • You can work from anywhere with a laptop and internet connection
  • You can set up systems to sell products on autopilot. See autopilot income system.
  • You can choose products with an international audience to increase sales
  • You can leverage tools, systems and software to make money for you while you sleep.

Join a top earning affiliate program, work from a laptop and use a system which benefits from all the above advantages.

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top earning affiliate programs