Subscription Based Website Builder

Looking for a subscription based website builder? Check out the video below by clicking the image. This is the ‘digital business lounge’ which lets you skip the technical aspects of setting up a website. Built into the website is a fully digital automated sales funnel with a range of subscription based products within it.

subscription based website builder

Subscription Based Website Builder

So why are subscription products so useful for an online business? Simply because they allow you to earn from repeat commissions. Single products only pay you once. A subscription product can give you an income as an affiliate, rather than just a single commission. What’s an affiliate? Affiliate marketing is the business model which lets anyone build a sustainable income from the internet by selling other people’s products. There’s certain other considerations too, which are worth noting when building an online business.

Subscription Based Website Builder – Other Considerations

Subscription products are great for a couple of reasons. With digital subscription products, you can earn 40% commissions on a sale. Digital products also let you sell to anyone over the internet. That means it’s a global business model and this makes it very scalable.

subscription based website builder

But there’s a few other benefits from using the software you can see in the above video. Behind the subscription based website builder is a powerful sales funnel with a range of digital products within it.

  • High ticket items – Products ranging from $30-$30,000 from which you can earn 40% commissions (depending on your position in the business system).
  • Up-sells – These are sales made later to your existing customers. With up-sells you can earn from later sales closed by the company. You only need to refer the initial sale to benefit from up-sells too.
  • Multi-Tier Commissions are commissions based on the sales made by your team. This means you can continue to earn commissions from other people’s sales, if you initially referred them.
  • Built in sales team – a sales team closes sales on your behalf. Only refer the initial sale to benefit from continual up-sells and other high ticket products.

‘Gearing’ An Online Business – Subscription Based Website Builder

This kind of online business is ‘geared’ to give you the maximum return on investment. Compare it to a sales funnel which only has a single product. You’ll need to continually sell that product over and over again, just for single commissions.

subscription based website builder

Most sales funnels can pay the affiliate back $1 a month for each subscriber on average. A good sales funnel has the benefit of a high ticket product line, subscription products, multi-tier sales and a built in sales team. With a sales funnel like this you can expect a much higher return on investment – more like $5 per subscriber per month (on average).

This means you can more easily build a profitable online business using paid advertising strategies. As is becomes more difficult to rank for organic listings on Google, this leaves paid advertising as the main marketers ‘goto’ option for building an online business. There’s a couple of reasons why paid advertising is the best option for newbies to online marketing too.

Subscription Based Website Builder – Online Marketing, The Next Step

Once you have your subscription website set up, get started here, you’ll need to advertise it. With paid online marketing strategies, you can see instant traffic into your sales funnel. Organic traffic takes much longer to generate and is a skill in itself too. If you want to go the free route, check out my ebook Niche Blogging For Profit below. Be warned, this will take much longer and results are never guaranteed.

subscription based website builder

If you’re going to use paid advertising techniques, checkout my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing. You can also learn online marketing strategies and get full training with the online business system and education platform here.

subscription based website builder

Subscription Based Website Builder – How Marketers Use A ‘Geared’ Funnel

Online marketers can build up a number of paid advertising strategies and test and measure the response. It’s called direct response marketing and it’s good for a subscription based website builder because you can start small and build up when you see a good return. Ultimately, top marketers scale up to spending tens of thousands per month on such campaigns. They know they are getting a good return on investment before they do however.

With a geared funnel with all of the above criteria, you have much more chance of success over the long term. As people move up your range of products, commissions increase dramatically. Plus, you can earn residual commissions too from your subscription products. This can allow you to maintain a paid for campaign and slowly increase your budget by reinvesting profits.

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