Work Stress Quiz

Are you stressed out at work? Take the Work Stress Quiz and find out how to manage your stress and keep calm under pressure.

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Work Stress Quiz

How did you find the Work Stress Quiz? There are many reasons why we become stressed. Our environment is often to blame and especially where we work and how we relate to others. Do you find yourself hiding your real self at work and repressing your real feelings? If you have trouble relating to others this can create more stress for each interaction we have.

Repressing Emotion

If we feel unable to speak our minds and be our true selves at work we repress our emotions. This can lead to stress, unhappiness and depression and even lead to ill health if experienced over a long period. It’s important to find our voice in the workplace and if we continually ‘dumb down’ we are very likely to be doing this to ourselves.

Feeling Trapped

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Do you feel like you are trapped in your job because of your financial circumstances, uncertainty of future career prospects, or simply because there seems to be few/no options available? Feelings of being trapped in a situation can lead to similar health problems as repressing our emotions and the longer you feel this way, the more ‘stuck’ you become. Feelings of dis-ease in the mind lead to a disease of the body over time if not checked and resolved.

Disliking Your Co-workers

Having a job means dealing with people we don’t necessarily like. Each interaction with our colleague/s can increase our levels of stress and alienation – this is especially true if we can’t fully express ourselves. Unless we can plan an exit route from our jobs, an alternative job or lifestyle we would prefer, we can become stuck in a pattern which leads to self destruction. If you’re unhappy in your job this can lead to depression, alcoholism and a number of other health issues.

Rush Hour Traffic

If you have a regular commute to work here’s another reason why your stress levels might be hitting the roof. Sitting in a car for any length of time in busy traffic is no-one’s idea of fun. If you have to do it at the same time everyone else does, at both ends of the day it seems like a huge waste of your time.

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No Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is a great stress reliever. Everyone knows how good it is for them but fitting in exercise around a busy working schedule isn’t easy and is especially difficult when you start to feel life isn’t worth living. Your stress levels will definitely decrease if you take regular heart pumping exercise to combat it. There’s nothing like your bodies own chemicals to revive you from a stressful day. Have you tired our work stress quiz?

Caffeine, Alcohol and Cigarettes

Do you reach for a coffee or cigarette when you’re stressed? This could be making matters worse. Caffeine lifts the heart rate and can increase anxiety and stress, equally cigarettes aren’t known for their health benefits!. Do you need a drink to relax at the weekend or evening? Alcohol is a depressant and will feed your low mood the following day. Take a daily tally of what your addictions are costing you each week and you could easily find a nice little earner just from the savings you could make!

Escape the 9-5!

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Escape The 9 to 5!


Empowering yourself through knowledge, changing habits and by planning an escape route will lift some of the effects of working in a job you simply don’t want to do forever. If you can see a ‘way out’ it will lift a lot of the ‘stuck’ emotions around your situation – even if it’s a long term plan. Having an online business has helped me to escape many of the feelings around being ‘stuck’ in a situation  which you have no control over. Join a community of people who are escaping their mundane jobs for a better life. Learn how to use the internet to create multiple income streams, become your own boss and escape the 9-5!  Make sure you try our work stress quiz before you go!