Small Town Franchise Ideas

Are you looking for small town franchise ideas? The beauty of the internet is that it offers franchise opportunities which can be worked from anywhere and which also offer international reach. Some of the best international franchise opportunities are also available to operate from a small town or anywhere with an internet connection and a laptop. See also cheap franchise ideas.

Small Town Franchise Ideas – An Internet Business

An internet business allows anyone to operate their own enterprise from a laptop from anywhere globally. There are many internet business models which allow anyone to promote and sell products internationally. You don’t need to own these products, talk to anyone, sell anything directly or hold any stock. The reason is affiliate marketing; this business model lets you work from anywhere.

small town franchise ideas

Small Town Franchise Ideas – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows anyone to sell other people’s products. They do this through the internet simply by creating content, finding customers, advertising, finding customers and passing them on to products and services. The products and services are delivered by someone else automatically. The great thing about this process is that in large part it is automated. This means you can send an unlimited number of people through to these products and sell without being there physically.

Affiliate Marketing Business Model

One affiliate marketing business model is to sell products which are digital. They can be downloaded instantly and you can earn 50% of the product’s value as an affiliate. This business model offers a franchise opportunity where you can make commissions of up to $8000 on a single sale. In addition you can earn monthly commissions on membership sales and multi tier commissions on the sale of products from your team. Here’s a closer look at this affiliate model:

  • Multi tier sales
  • High ticket affiliate products
  • Monthly membership sales
  • Sales team built in
  • Up-sell built in for higher ticket products

You can buy into this business model at lower rates and each level offers it’s own relative income potential. By buying in at the franchise level you can earn greater commissions. Take a look at the six figure mentors compensation plan for more information. Here’s a quick breakdown of the basic and higher levels of commission attainable:

small town franchise ideas

Best International Franchise Opportunities

One of the best international franchise opportunities is an affiliate marketing model like this one. Affiliate marketing is something which anyone can learn how to do and all you really need is a laptop and an internet connection. Previously it was only multi national corporations who could afford to reach a global audience. Now, with the power of technology and the internet, even small businesses can reach a global audience and specify who will receive their adverts. See why target market is important.

Best Franchise To buy Into

What is the best franchise to buy into? Everyone is different so everyone will want something different in terms of business. What an affiliate marketing franchise can offer is:

  • Education and training
  • Community and support
  • Development of skills for advertising and marketing
  • High ticket products
  • Multi level sales commissions (at higher franchise levels)
  • Ability to work from anywhere.
  • International training opportunities

small town franchise ideas

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Why An Online Business?

Just because you’re looking for small town franchise ideas, it doesn’t mean you have to be ‘small town’. With an internet based business you can sell anything to anyone. The internet is global and by choosing the right products you can sell digitally to anyone globally. This is great news for anyone wanting to start a business but who doesn’t know how.

An online business is now much easier to start than ever. Using business models which are already working is the best method to start and earn quickly. Affiliate marketers use landing pages, websites and sales funnels to send subscribers products and services. They sell products through an email list.

Scalable Business Model

How do you sell through an email? Affiliate marketing lets you use affiliate links to sell digital products and services. If a sale is made, the link is tracked back to the affiliate and they earn a commission. Often digital products pay 40% to the affiliate. This is because storage and delivery costs are virtually wiped out with digital products. The savings can be passed on the advertisers – affiliate marketers.

Email marketing is a scalable business model especially when used in conjunction with digital products. As your email list grows so do your sales. By sending a single email to thousands of subscribers, you can earn multiple commissions at once.

Access A ‘Ready Made’ Internet Business

Want small town franchise ideas? You can access a ready made internet business which has all the products and services you need to sell, plug and play website pre-populated with your affiliate links (simple to set up), and a fully pre-made email series for your own sales funnel. The step by step modules will walk you through the setting up process. Once your business system is set up you need to promote it. This can be done in several ways:

  • Article marketing
  • Blogging
  • Advertising using paid traffic
  • Video creation
  • Social media

There’s literally hundreds of ways to generate traffic and once you have a website you can create content for it. However, you don’t even need a website as you can send people to the ready made sales funnel via one of the pre-made landing pages which you can access.

Learn more, join an online community and access all the tools you need to start a profitable online business here.