Simple Income Strategies

I started looking for simple income strategies which I could use from my home computer, quite a few years ago. I started with ebay and I would simply buy items cheaply either from car boot sales or charity shops and then re-sell them on ebay. One of the best simple income strategies I found was using a misspell search tool to find cheap items on ebay. I would then relist them with much better titles and descriptions.

There are thousands of misspelled items floating around on ebay at any one time. They don’t get the exposure they deserve because they’ve been badly listed and no one can find them. You can see my article on this here: how to start a profitable ebay business.

Simple Income Strategies

simple income strategies

I had some success with this ebay system. However, I continued looking for other ways to earn online. I wanted simple income strategies which could be scaled up. With the ebay system mentioned above there was no way to do this. You can use ebay to create a better system. It requires listing a single item as a buy it now. Then simply sell the same item over and over again. For this you need to buy a lot of products in bulk though, and at the time, I just didn’t have the cash for this.

Drop shipping is another method where you can simply send customers through to other sellers. You basically build a website and send traffic to it to sell someone else’s goods. They close the deal and deliver so you’re basically just the middle man. However, I found another route which meant my overheads were low and I could put more time in instead of money. The model I found was affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular simple income strategies online. As with drop shipping, affiliate marketing lets you promote other people’s products. Due to the high mark up for affiliates who promote and sell digital products, this has led to the boom in so called lifestyle businesses. Many digital products pay our 40% to their affiliates. This means you can set up a website and start earning large commissions based on your referred website traffic.

This is a scalable model too which means that unlike the ebay model I shared earlier, you can leverage your time more effectively to earn money. By setting up a sales funnel and sending qualified website traffic down it, you can sell digital products over the internet. You don’t have to personally buy or handle products yourself either, simply sell other people’s products.

You can access a fully set up sales system with a range of products to sell here. Plus you can get all the training you need too which means anyone can learn this and you don’t need previous experience.

Simple Income Strategies – A Sales Funnel

simple income strategies

A ‘sales funnel’ is basically a marketing funnel which is set up with a range of products for you to sell. By sending qualified subscribers to your landing page, you can capture email addresses. From there your subscribers receive a series of emails with useful products and services attached. As your list of subscribers grows, so do your sales. Given a 1% purchase rate every 100 subscribers will result in a sale. By scaling up your list of subscribers, you increase your earning potential as your list grows. The best part of this system is that it can be automated and scaled up. If you’re going to spend time building a business wouldn’t it be a good idea to choose one which can be automated and scaled?

Many business owners start out with great enthusiasm for their business, only to later discover that they simply have a ‘job’ that they own, rather than the freedom that comes from a scalable online business. They become ‘stuck’ in their business and have no freedom. Affiliate marketing offers the opportunity to set up a fully automated online business.

Start Your Own Online Business

An online business system like this one offers training and education as well as a digital business system. This includes a pre made sales funnel, landing pages, an email series, tools, training and a community on hand to help. Anyone can do this and it doesn’t require any previous knowledge.