Setting Up An Affiliate Website

Setting up an affiliate website is much easier than it used to be. For example, before ‘plug an play’ websites, you needed to be able to code everything. Building websites was the job of the tech savvy. Then everything changed as website builders allowed anyone to easily build websites with drag and drop software.

Take a look at this video (or click image below). See how rediculously easy setting up an affiliate website is:

setting up an affiliate website

Setting Up An Affiliate Website

As you can see, setting up an affiliate website is much easier than it once was. With the DBL, you are also accessing a powerful digital business suite with a product suite included in your affiliate products list. This is important for a number of reasons if you want to become a successful affiliate marketer:

  • A business ‘suite’ gives you the ability to sell high ticket and subscription products
  • You can benefit from later sales closed after your initial referral.
  • You don’t have to personally close any sales, the busienss system does the selling.
  • You can learn every aspect of online marketing with the built in education platform.

There is a huge benefit to having the right range of products in your business. As an affiliate, you have a huge amount of choice as to which products you can choose to promote. A product ‘suite’ however can make your business model much more lucrative and viable over the long term. Just using subscription products, for example, can mean you can earn regular commissions from previous sales. This is a huge benefit, especially if you’re starting out. It means you can build your income up much more quickly than by selling single point of sale products.

Setting Up An Affiliate Website

If you are setting up an affilaite website and want to do more of the work yourself, you can do this quite simply too. WordPress makes setting up a website fairly easy. Choose your domain name and buy it if available. I would aim to get a .com because it’s the best domain name to give you most authority.

Some say .net and .org too but personally, I go for .coms because they just look better. If you’re going to have an affiliate business, you’re also better off going for global products. That way you can scale up more easily to a global audience. Locally domains won’t do as well in the global playing field because they relate moore to your country of origin. I use for my domain names. Once you have purchased your domain name you will need to get yourself a hosting. I use Hostgator to host my websites.

You need to forward your domain name to the host name severs, and then install it in your hosting provider. I use WordPress installer when setting up new websites through a hosting. There’s plenty of videos to help you do this too on YouTube and on the hosting provider too.

Once Your Site Is Set Up

Once your site is set up, you will need to choose a topic and find suitable affiliate products to promote. This can take some time and if you don’t want to do this I would recommend this all in one education platform and range of affilaite products.

What this gives you is a push and play website builder as shown in the video at the top of this article. It also offers an online training and education platform and range of products built in which you can promote immediately once your website is set up.

Finding good products to sell in one thing, selling them is another. If you don’t know how to sell affiliate products on the internet, you will need the training in order to make a success of your online business. See also why affilaite marketing does not work for some of the reasons why affiliates fail in this industry.