How To Set Up Automated Income Strategies From Your Laptop

It’s all very well talking about multiple income streams. However,  creating it is another story entirely. It doesn’t happen instantly and you will need to learn a few new skills to implement a proper strategy. However, once you understand how to set up automated income strategies from your laptop, you will have  an entirely new way to make an income. If you can make it work, it means you won’t need a job again, ever!

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How To Set Up Automated Income Strategies From Your Laptop

Making money from the internet has interested me for a while for a number of reasons. For starters you can build your business around existing commitments.

This appealed to me in the first instance due to the unpredictable nature of the film work I was doing several years ago. I started out using Ebay to buy and sell at a profit. After a good while of lugging my stock to and from the post office, I thought there must be an easier way. I wanted something more flexible. I later found a means to creating an income by leveraging the internet to sell digital products.

Digital Products

Digital products especially appealed to me because it is all ‘hands off’. By that I mean you don’t handle any products personally. They are inbuilt into websites as automated downloads and membership websites. They can provide information and value in the form of videos, downloads and software.

Of course, you can still sell physical products and not have to deal with any stock or customers, too. Just sign up as an affiliate at to see how you can promote any one of their thousands of products. Here’s a picture of the associates program link at the bottom of Amazon’s website:

how to set up automated income strategies from your laptop

Amazon is a massive site which provides a resource to sell online products anywhere on the internet. Many affiliates do this by providing a review of a product and then linking to the product itself on Amazon’s website, earning them a commission.

Affiliates basically work as a ‘middleman’ service where they find the buyers and send them to a product. If this sale goes through their particular content (a review, for example), they will receive a commission based on that sale.

Creating Content And Multiplying Your Efforts

The exciting part about generating this kind of affiliate sale on the internet is that there is no limit to the number of people you can attract through your content. By creating a popular, viral video, for example, affiliates can generate a continuous stream of passive affiliate income.

When the services and products also have a monthly membership fee attached, this can become a solid and dependable flow of income which can be built upon to become a full time income for life.

There are various ways of attracting customers to view products too. You don’t necessarily need to create content like videos and articles, and although this is a good way to start, you can simply create adverts and pay to direct traffic. This can take some time to set up correctly but if you have the time and patience to experiment with this method of affiliate marketing it can be very lucrative.

Of course you need to set up your advertising so that it costs less than it make in sales and brings in enough sales to cover costs initially. Once you have found the formula to creating adverts which work and generate a profit you simply scale up with a larger budget. The systems are already in place to deal with an infinite number of customers. The only limitation is you, (and your budget) – but you can start small and build up over time.

Focus On Your Passions

Many affiliate marketers concentrate on a topic which they are passionate about and build a following over time through their website or blog – offering benefits and value to the followers in their specific niche. Once their following grows they offer products and services relative the their particular niche. They don’t need to create their own products and can make commissions based on sales or other people’s products. However many online entrepreneurs do create their own products and services – especially once they have a large enough following to market to.

Creating your own products takes time however, and once you have created the products you still need customers to sell them to. This is a easy first mistake which many would-be internet marketers make. They spend a lot of time making their own product only to realize they have no-one to sell it to. Then their job is marketing. As a product owner you can list your (digital) product on for others to sell. However many affiliates only choose products which already sell or have a huge product launch. Again, this comes down to marketing.

Traffic To Your Website

Starting a website is also a tactic which many affiliates use to sell affiliate products. However the main issue is getting enough traffic to their website to generate even a basic level of sales. This can take some time especially if you have picked a particularly competitive niche to target.

If you already have a website and business it can be well worth finding some digital products to market on your site. You can find products all over the internet simply by typing in “‘your niche’ affiliate program” into Google. Or take a look at for products you would be interested in selling. If you already have some ‘passing’ trade through Google search, you could pick up a nice passive income just by putting the right product or service on your website.

The world of affiliate marketing offers an income to anyone wishing to either supplement or even completely replace their current income source. Learn the tools and mindsets needed to build your own successful online enterprise here. Access the free video series which explains why the internet is such a viable industry for anyone.