How To Reprogram My Subconscious Mind

Your mind is a powerful tool. If you’re wondering “how to reprogram my subconscious mind” you are no doubt aware that the key to changing things in your life is to change your beliefs. But how can we change beliefs which have been programmed from childhood? And how can we look differently towards life faced with the circumstances that we are faced with?  Sometimes no matter how hard we try and make a difference in our lives we always end up back in the same place.

The reason is your subconscious programming and like any computer, your subconscious can be reprogrammed with new software.

How To Reprogram My Subconscious Mind – Mantras

Mantras are phrases or sayings which, when repeated over and over to yourself become deep seated beliefs. These beliefs control us more than we are aware. The key to changing these beliefs is to first notice them. You will be made more aware of beliefs holding you back if you have been pursuing something in your life and it keeps evading you. Money, for example is something which many people have strong beliefs about:

Money is the route of all evil, Money doesn’t make you happy, rich people are greedy, you can’t be spiritual and have money, Life’s a struggle, Money doesn’t grow on trees, I’m always broke etc etc. You probably have a few of your own.

Here’s a great mantra about money which you can repeat to yourself over and over in order to bring out the negative beliefs around the topic. Remember that you will have repeated the negative ideas about money millions of times to yourself over the years, so be patient and keep doing this every day. At first you will notice your resistance to the mantra. The more you do this, and believe it, the more it will start to loosen negative beliefs around the topic. See also affirmations, mantras and positive intention and money mantra to become rich.

How To Reprogram My Subconsciuos Mind – Money Mantra

“I am so happy and grateful now, money comes to me in increasing amounts, through multiple sources on an ongoing basis.”

I picked up a few negative patterns of behavior around money from when I was very young. We ‘collect’ ideas from our lives and the most influential people in our lives are usually our parents. Think back to the first time you can remember feeling a certain way about money. Perhaps there was an uneasiness about it, an uncertainty, which you might still be replicating in your life.

How To Reprogram My Subconscious Mind

How to reprogram my subconscious mindOf course you may have other beliefs in your subconscious mind which you would like to reprogram. It’s not always about money. In fact it might be something like letting love into your life, building better relationships, loving yourself more or developing yourself in another way. Many beliefs you hold dearly about yourself and life in general are no longer serving you. By questioning them, and in particular those which you find the most difficult, you can slowly release their grip on your life. Notice those ideas which you fight over and cling to. They are the ones in most need of changing.

When something difficult comes up for you, ask yourself: “Is the story I’m telling myself about this really true?“. We can often be our harshest critic and persecute ourselves in ways which we would never put anyone else through. Why? What do we hope to achieve from this? Treat yourself well, learn to love yourself and quieten the critic. Often our biggest struggles are based on an unrealistic and unobtainable set of desires or circumstances. Are they really yours or did you pick them up from someone else? It is really worth persecuting yourself to achieve them?

How To Reprogram My Subconscious Mind – Money

Here is a flowchart I created regarding my struggles with money. As you can see, I believed that to get money I had to struggle. One of my beliefs was “life is a struggle“. If I keep hold of this idea then I cannot accept money without having struggled for it! By changing this belief I can allow myself to make money easily and not feel guilty over it. If I felt guilty over making money I could quite easily lose it again.


belief, money diagram

How To Reprogram My Subconscious Mind – Changing Old Beliefs

Here’s how to swap old beliefs for new, more empowering beliefs which better serve you:

  • First of all it’s useful to notice your old beliefs – or your current beliefs. By noticing them and looking back to where you may have picked them up from, you can understand how you came to hold them so dearly! You can do this by looking at what you would like to change in your life right now.
  • Write down you goals for the next year as if you could do anything you wanted. Imagine you are a child again writing down a Christmas list. Santa will bring you anything you desire. Suspend your disbelief and really go to town imagining how you would love your life to be. What will you be doing on a daily basis? How will you be living? Where will you live and who are you with? Imagine your bank account as you want it and feel good about all these things.
  • As you notice your unconscious objections coming into your mind, write them down and proceed with the visualization exercise. how to reprogram your subconscious mindVisualize around money, family, home and work and any other areas of your life you would like to improve on. Once you have finished your visualization go back to your list of objections and add any more information you can to help you find your beliefs around these areas. Now look at your list. You now have the beliefs which stand in the way of your happiness! These are what you need to work on.
  • Next to each objection write a contradictory statement which is more in alignment with the possibility of your best possible outcome. For example if you wrote: I can’t earn that money, I’ll never be able, I’m not …. enough for that, simply write the opposite: I could/can/will earn money, I can learn new skills, or I am enough for that. Use these statements as mantras and notice your objections when they come up in your mind. 
  • If you catch yourself saying one of your negative beliefs aloud or in your head, correct yourself with a better belief.
  • Remember you will have been telling yourself the same story about yourself for many years. By noticing these ideas as they come up, becoming more conscious of them, and slowly changing them, over time you can bring new ideas in to your life which support different outcomes.

This is a difficult thing to do and many of our beliefs are so ingrained into our lives that we cling to them as if they were life itself. The payoff is a consistent world view, security and comfort. Our closest friends and relatives will agree with us. By changing our ideas we will be challenged and people will disagree with us – often those closest to us.

How To Reprogram my Subconscious Mind

So there are a few ways to reprogram your subconscious mind and change your outcomes:

  • By changing your thinking patterns – Notice your negative thinking and change you habits through thinking
  • Change your negative self talk – By noticing how you speak about yourself and your life you can interrupt negative patterns of behavior and alter them
  • Meditate – Meditation can show you your unconscious thinking patterns and make them more conscious. You are then making unconscious behavior more conscious
  • Using Affirmations – We use negative affirmations about ourselves all the time. By replacing them for more positive affirmations we can alter our unconscious programming
  • Using Visualization – By visualizing what we would like to manifest in life, we can remove boundaries to success which lie in our unconscious minds.
  • Positive Self-talk – this is the same as affirmations although less specific. By talking ourselves up with our internal dialogue, instead of down, we can create a better self image and reprogram ourselves better to receive more success.