Search engine optimisation uk

Looking for search engine optimisation uk? We all want to optimise our sites for maximum efficiency. After all, optimising our site/s so that they can be found by the search engines for our blogs and updates will save us a small fortune on advertising. Not only will we be found more readily on the searches but we don’t have to pay for any organic searches which we are found for through Google’s search engine – or any other search engine for that matter!

What is search engine optimisation?

There are many companies offering what is now called search engine optimisation (SEO) in the UK and worldwide. They offer to ‘tweek’ your website and make it more readily searchable and prominent in the searches so you will receive more visitors to your site through the ‘organic’ searches. The ‘organic’ searches are the results that come up whenever you do a Google search in the main body of the page of results. Sponsored advertising posts come up either at the top or on the right hand side. They are paid for through Google Adwords. Organic search results are the domain of a search engine optimisation specialist and they promise (often over promise) to boost your results to gain more prominence organically.


How to optimise your own site.

There are various ways to optimise your own content very cheaply. If you are targeting a particular keyword or phrase on your website, make sure it appears in your blog title, the first paragraph, the main body of text and your meta tags as well as the url of the website itself. WordPress SEO by Yoast is a useful plugin (if you have a wordpress site) which help you do this to all your blog posts. However you will still need to target a keyword or phrase first and knowing which keywords are useful to your business are again the job of an SEO specialist.

Finding your keywords

Finding keywords which target your specific audience is another key skill of SEO. You can do this by using the keyword planner which you can find through a Google search (just type in keyword planner). By typing in keywords and phrases which focus on a niche within your business you can narrow down to particular phrases which will bring in customers for years to come through the free Google search engine’s organic search results.

Choosing the right keywords

So what are the right keywords to choose? How do you know if you have picked a winner? If you are selling vacuum cleaners surely you would pick ‘vacuum cleaner’. If you are a larger company you might target this keyword through your Adwords paid for advertising campaigns. However for smaller companies seeking to find customers through the free searches you must be a little more cheeky!

You need to niche down and find longer tail keyword combinations which will find relevant customers but yet are not as competitive as the 2 and 3 word combinations might be. For example by entering a keyword combination such as “best cordless vacuum cleaner review” into the keyword planner you will get a few ideas of what is being searched for. Start with “vacuum cleaner”  and you will get some keyword ideas. Enter a longer tail keyword phrase into the planner for more results.

Although there seems to be a high competition for all related keywords to “vacuum cleaner” that is simply the paid for competition in Adwords. The organic competition can be much less so it can be worth creating content which will rank for these keyword chains. A good one might be “best cordless vacuum reviews”. You could create content around this keyword and rank your content in the organic searches. This in turn will bring customers to your site who may buy a product after reading a review on your site.

To find out how competitive the organic search is for your long tail keyword simply enter it in the Google search bar “in quotes” like so. Less than 15,000 searches is a good bench mark for something you can likely rank for. This will also depend on your site’s authority to a certain degree so if you have a smaller site go for keyword combinations which are less competitive. Some tablets or phones won’t bring up a number for this search so you may need to use a laptop/home computer to get a number of competing pages.

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