Sales Funnel Software

Sales funnel software can allow anyone to build a fully functional sales funnel. You don’t need any previous experience or specialised knowledge. Take a look at the video below. This will show you just how quickly you can have a website up and running. This same platform can let you build a sales funnel into your website with a few simple steps, too.

sales funnel software

Sales Funnel Software – Your Website

Your sales funnel starts with a website. From your website you can offer your visitors the ability to access more information via an email opt-in form. This allows you to capture their email address and begin the process of sending them information through a series of follow up emails. The sales funnel software you have just seen, can allow anyone to build not only a website, but also a fully functional online business. An online business lets you sell other people’s products through your sales funnel.

Sales Funnel Software – Digital Products

sales funnel software

Ideally you want to sell digital products through your sales funnel. Digital products let you automate the process of selling and delivering the products but also let you earn 40% commissions on products which you sell. Through your sales funnel you can sell any number of digital products. The above digital business lounge allows anyone to use a range of pre-made digital products which offer a range of ways to earn:

  • A Digital Product ‘Suite’ – a ‘suite’ is a range of products which allows you to earn in multiple ways from your sales funnel
  • Up-sells – Up-sells are products which are sold after the initial sale to existing customers. This means you can benefit from your previous customers later down the road if they decide to purchase another item from your range.
  • High Ticket Items – Allow you to make larger commissions on products sold. This means you can scale up more quickly into the higher earning brackets, offset advertising costs and build a business faster.
  • A built in sales team – This lets you focus on the front-end of your business without having to worry about making sales yourself or dealing with customers. Focus solely on sending qualified leads into the sales funnel.

Sales Funnel Software – What’s Included?

Building your own sales funnel which has all of this is just not possible for most people. It’s far easier to use an existing sales funnel and promote the front end of the business, knowing the back-end is already running successfully. With this sales funnel software you get:

  • A working website as you can see in the video.
  • A sales funnel – simple to set up with the step by step modules. (You need an autoresponder account to do this).
  • A range of digital products which are set up with your affiliate links.
  • A training and education platform to help you learn all aspects of online marketing
  • An online community you can connect with to help you.

Access the full free video series here to learn more.

Sales Funnel Software – What’s Next?

Most people think that building a sales funnel is too technical. This software lets anyone set up a website which has a digital marketing funnel behind it. It has everything in it which is needed to build a successful online business from scratch. But what happens next? What is needed from there to build a successful online business?

sales funnel software

Having a sales funnel in place is the start. Your next step is to learn how to market your website, unless you already know how. The main job of an affiliate is the front end of a business. With a business product range, you have the added advantage of built in sales people, back end products and a working online business training program. Your job is to drive targeted visitors into your sales funnel. This is done through a variety of different methods including:

  • Paid advertising (direct response marketing)
  • Content creation

Paid advertising can include platforms like Facebook, Adwords, Youtube, Linkedin etc. Free marketing includes content creation. Blogging, video creation, webinars and podcasts etc. Both methods allow anyone to drive targeted website traffic into the their sales funnel and earn commissions on sales they make. Checkout the image above which shows a number of marketing strategies used to send targeted traffic into the sales funnel. This is the main job of an affiliate marketer, once they have a ready made sales funnel set up.

Sales Funnel Software – Marketing Your Funnel

Your sales funnel software can get you up and running with a business model which can be scaled and automated. Digital products which can be sold over the internet can allow anyone to create much more time and money freedom in their lives. However, it doesn’t happen automatically. You must advertise your website in order to get people into your sales funnel. The two main strategies are paid advertising and content creation. Depending on your circumstances, and what you’re prepared to put into your business – both in terms of time and financial input, you’ll want to pick one or both of these methods.

Checkout my ebooks on both these strategies:

The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing focuses mainly on paid strategies, although there are some free strategies here too. Starting with a small budget, you’ll need to test and measure different types of adverts with various different elements. Scrap the adverts which don’t work and scale up the ones which do. Paid advertising is the fastest method. You can literally ‘turn on’ website traffic and be generating sales very quickly. But you need to learn the strategy by putting in regular campaigns at first.

Niche Blogging is another ebook which focuses on content generation. Like this article, content takes time and effort to create. However, if it does well you can have multiple trickles from traffic from many sources. Over time this can grow and have a huge compound effect on your sales funnel.

Sales Funnel Software – An Online Business

Over time and with regular and consistent effort, an online business can give you a huge amount of time and financial freedom. Starting with sales funnel software (see the video) , anyone can build and grow an automated and scalable business from anywhere globally which can work for them, bringing in sales and commissions for life. Access the full video series and learn more about how you can build an online business from anywhere.