Sales Funnel Creator

If you’re looking for a sales funnel creator you probably already know how powerful a sales funnel can be. A ‘sales funnel’ is a series of emails with products attached. Once a subscriber enters their email on a landing page, they are sent a series of emails. Once into the funnel the subscriber has the opportunity to purchase digital or physical products through affiliate links.

Here lies the magic of the sales funnel. Once you have a pre-built sales funnel you simply send more and more well targeted website traffic to it.

Sales Funnel Creator

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It is one thing having a sales funnel to send people through and another building your list. Online marketers can spend a lot of time doing both. Having a ready made sales funnel can save you a heap of time. A ‘sales funnel creator’ would basically├é┬ámean you could get on with the job of building your subscribers list and sending people through your funnel.

A good sales funnel should have:

  • Proven products
  • A range of affiliate products which pay you commissions
  • Up-sells which sell for increasing amounts
  • A built in sales team
  • Monthly commissions

Sales Funnel Creator – Monthly Commissions

A ‘sales funnel creator’, or a ready made sales funnel should have monthly commissions build in to their sales plan. The reason for this is that monthly commissions are one of the best ways to build a regular and secure income from an online business.

Having to continually sell over and over again means you need to either have a fantastic website with tonnes of targeted traffic continually, or having to pay for advertising. Of course building an email list is another option to both of these but you still need to build it, and this takes time. Monthly commissions allow you to benefit from previous sales which you have made through your funnel.

Sales Funnel Creator – High Ticket Commissions

sales funnel creator

Your sales funnel should also include high ticket commissions in your product range. This allows you to spend on advertising and recoup costs more quickly. You obviously earn larger commission on high ticket items too. By targeting the right audience with your landing pages you can earn a lot more for a similar amount of work, all other things being equal.

Sales Funnel Creator – Up-Sells

Many businesses focus only on getting more customers. Although this is an obvious consideration, smart business owners know that they can increase their profits by also having products to offer their existing customers. By focusing on repeat custom, and building a range of products to offer their customers more and more value, they can build a much stronger and more stable income, than by only focusing on getting more customers. Having a pre-built sales funnel with increasingly more valuable products means you can benefit from repeat custom from sales you have made previously.

Sales Funnel Creator – Built In Sales Team

In addition to having monthly memberships and up-sells you can also benefit from sales closed by an in-house sales team. This means you don’t have to personally sell anything after the initial sale – and even the initial sale is closed by sales materials provided for you. Landing pages, email follow-ups and sales pages are all provided for you. All you need to do is promote your own personal landing page. Access a pre-built sales funnel.

Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

The advantage of a digital marketing sales funnel is that it can give you a greater return on products you sell than with many physical products. Digital products can be sold to your email list through your affiliate links. Although physcial products can be sold in the same way, digital products offer a greater mark up of profit. Some digital products can pay you 50% of their cost.

In addition, digital products can also offer membership products, up-sells and sales teams built in. This gives you a lot more earning opportunities for your digital marketing sales funnel if you choose the right products to promote.