Sack The Boss

Ever wanted to sack the boss and work for yourself? For as long as I can remember I never wanted a boss. I have had a lot of ‘bosses’ over the years but it’s far more enjoyable working for yourself.

It’s easy to forget how uncomfortable bosses can make you feel. Once you have been somewhere for a while, you get ‘comfortable’. You get comfortable with getting paid, comfortable with the commute and accept all the crap which comes with it! When something  is eating away at you about your job, your boss or your situation, it’s time to do something about it!

sack the boss

Sack The Boss – Planning Your Escape

It’s not always easy to simply sack the boss, leave your job or find something else. It takes planning. But it’s well worth the time. Even though at the end of a busy day all you want is to put your feet up, you need to make a plan. You need to plan your escape so you can sack the boss.

Unless you have a million in the bank quitting just isn’t realistic for most people. So here’s a few ideas to get the ball rolling and to allow you to focus on what you want, instead of what annoys you about your situation as it stands.

sack the boss

  1. Start using your spare time to look for alternative jobs. Don’t put too much stress on yourself. Just start browsing the papers for now. Give yourself options. By lightening the load you will start to feel much better. You will become more empowered.
  2. Remember you are not a slave. You have rights and if you feel bullied you can complain to management. As soon as someone realizes you’re not a push over, they will often give you more space. When they realize you’re taking them to a tribunal, they will give you more!
  3. Consider starting a side business which can be built around your existing job. Over time it can replace your current income. Watch this video to learn more.
  4. Talk to people. The best way to solve many problems is to share them. Does anyone else feel the same way towards your boss? Can you find a new position by talking to colleagues within your job?  Are there other jobs available through people you already know? A sideways move may solve the problem. Look for jobs within your current company first.
  5. Just sack the boss and leave the job! A bold move and sometimes not a realistic one. However, there’s nothing like fear to motivate you! Be cautious though if considering this and you don’t have an income to fall back on.

sack the boss

Sack The Boss And Build Your Own Internet Based Business

It is now easier than ever to build an internet based business from scratch. Tools and technology have allowed many people to already do this with no previous knowledge. An internet business can be built up around your existing job. Once your earnings overtake your current salary you have the option to leave and sack the boss!

Here’s a few other reasons to start your own internet business:

  • You can work from anywhere remotely
  • You only need a laptop and internet connection
  • You don’t have a boss!
  • You can build multiple income streams
  • You can reach a global audience and promote other people’s products and services
  • You can scale up when you reach a profitable model

Watch this video where Stuart Ross further explains the business model he used to generate a largely automated income from the internet.

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Sack The Boss – Find Your Passion

Do you have a passion which you could turn into an income? Have you thought of all the angles? Do you secretly wish your life had gone another way? It is never too late to reignite a passion. If you harbor some talent or ability which is currently unsung perhaps it is time to rediscover it. Often we can bury our talents simply because we don’t quite believe in ourselves., or we think them unrealistic. Do you want to be a realist or happy?

Take a look at this video of Jay Kubassek explaining how he went from a used car salesman to a six figure earner. You can also grab a copy of my ebook Niche Blogging For Profit:

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