Rural And Village Business Ideas

Looking for rural and village business ideas? Just because you live off the beaten track doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the digital goldrush! So long as you have an internet connection you can access a range of online business ideas. You don’t need to have previous experience because there is training and education available online too.

So if you live in the country, a village or even a small city, take a look at rural and village business ideas which can be worked from anywhere.

Rural And Village Business Ideas

rural and village business ideas

Take a look at a simple strategy which falls into the category of rural and village business ideas. I first started using this idea several years ago. All you need is an ebay account and a local post office. You simply buy bargain items on ebay using two tools called auctionsniper and See my full article on this here: how to start a profitable ebay business. 

I made a nice profit with many items I found on ebay with this method. However, I don’t use this today because I found something much better.

Affiliate Markeitng – An Online Business Anyone Can Do

Affiliate marketing is a business model which doesn’t require any previous experience and anyone can do. It’s simply a referral marketing concept which pays you to refer people to other people’s products on the internet. You don’t need to speak to any cusomters or even deal with any products.

The main problem with the ebay business mentioned above is that it required a heap of time and energy to constantly search for online bargains. I also needed to reply to messages from potential customers and constantly list items and weigh items ready to be sent out. Before long my whole day was taken up with all these tasks. It simply wasn’t worth all the time I put in. I knew there had to be a better way, one with more automation.

This led me to look into affiliate marketing. The simple concept of selling a digital product on the internet meant I didn’t have to deal with anyone personally or even send anything out because everything was automated.

Rural And Village Business Ideas – Laptop And Internet

I lived out in the sticks and was looking for rural business ideas and village business ideas. I had a computer and an internet connection, so it seemed perfect to have a business which only needed these two things and nothing else! What I didn’t have was the know how to make use of the internet to sell digital products. I had to learn this and it took a lot of trial and error before I realised I had been wasting a lot of time.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing! I tried various online business strategies before I found something which had a community and the right training. These are ome of the things I learned.

Building A Website

To many people building a website is a scary prospect. However, nowadays it’s relatively easy. Take a look at this video in which Stuart Ross shows how easily and quickly you can set up a fully functional website. Building a website is now much much easier than it ever was. You dont need any skills or expertise anymore. Not only can you have an up and running website but you can also have a viable business from it too.

rural and village business ideas

Why Your Website Is An Instant Business

With the affiliate business model, you can set up a website which is pre-populated with products and services which you can earn 40% commissions on. With a range of products within a product suite, you can continue earning long after you have made your initial sale too. See subscription affilaite programs.

This is helped by the sales funnel – an email automation tool which collects subscribers information for you, and then delivers automated emails.

By having a automated sales funnel, you can focus your efforts on sending new subscribers into your sales funnel. Once inside, your subscribers are delivered a series of automated emails. These email offer various products and solutions for your customers.

The Main Sticking Point

Many people believe wrongly that they need a lot of know how to run a business like this. It simply not true. Technology has made everything more simple. Systems and software do a lot of the work for you and you can learn everything else you need from an online education platform which offers training and a community of like minded entrepreneurs.

Many older online marketers are taking advantage of this technology too and age is not a limiting factor.

Get started with your own online business by accessing an online digital training and education platoform here.