Retraining Career Opportunities

I was looking for retraining career opportunities after a long period of unemployment. I eventually turned to the internet because I wanted something to fit around existing contract work. Nothing else seemed to give me the flexibility I needed. I wanted to be able to drop work and take contracts at short notice, but there were a lot of ‘gaps’ in between.

The internet seemed the perfect solution. It offered flexibility and the freedom to take work as and when it came up.

Retraining Career Opportunities

retraining career opportunities

I started with ebay and I used to sell items I would pick up from car boot sales and charity shops. After a while of trying this method I found an ‘ebook’ on ebay itself which taught a simple strategy to buy and sell from the site. I share the method in my article how to start a profitable ebay business.

The method is basically using a tool which finds badly listed items on ebay. As such they don’t get the demand they should because people aren’t finding the listing. Buy buying items like this and then reselling them with a much better listing, you can make a profit on nearly every item you list. But this isn’t the topic of this article. This was just the beginning. If you’re looking for retraining career opportunities, there’s something much better than ebay and it’s a business model known as affiliate marketing.

My Ebay Ebook

retraining career opportunities

The ebay ebook which I bought for around £10 set me thinking. Why couldn’t I create a similar ebook and sell it too? The beauty of the ebook was that I downloaded it instantly and paid online. After the seller had created the ebook, he simply listed it and sold it digitally over and over again. It’s much like having a book you can publish, but without all the hassle. An ebook is basically an electronic (e) book which can be accessed over the internet. It’s free to download so all the money is profit.

This little model later led me to affiliate marketing. After trying to sell my own products for years I later realised it was much easier to sell other people’s products instead. The products were already created and already selling. I simply linked to other people’s products and made commissions based on their sales. Where’s the retraining career opportunities? Hang on a minute, I’m getting to that!

The Affiliate Marketing Business Model

Affiliate marketing is basically a kind of referral marketing for the internet. By recommending products from a website or advert, anyone can earn a full time living. For each sale you refer you can earn up to 40% of the cost for digital products. You can even sell physical products too if you like. Think about the last thing you bought over the internet. Would you recommend it to a friend? If so, you could be getting paid for those recommendations. So how does this relate to retraining career opportunities?

Well, affiliate marketing offers an opportunity to learn a skill which can mean you can work for yourself and never need a job or a boss ever again. With the right training and online education anyone can learn the skill of affiliate marketing and turn it into a full time living, given the time and application. Recent software and tools make online business strategies such as building websites and sales funnels much easier than they previously were. Take a look at the video below by clicking on the image:

retraining career opportunities

What You Need To Do

There’s a variety of skills to learn as an affiliate marketer. Your main job is to find appropriate customers for your specific products. You can choose which products are a good fit for your particular interests and passions. This makes the job of creating content online much easier. You can also promote products directly with paid advertising too. If the thought of ‘selling’ doesn’t appeal to you, you’re not alone.

It doesn’t appeal to me either. However, affilaite marketing is a model which uses automation to sell, rather than ‘hard selling’. It’s a kind of attraction marketing. By creating content and sending people through a sales funnel, you can earn from automated sales which are picked up by a built in sales team. Landing pages, websites and online videos do much of the work for you. You only really need to set up a business system, and send targeted website traffic to a landing page.

You can set up a business system and learn how to promote it in various different ways. Access this online training and education platform and a community of online entrepreneurs. You will be able to watch the full video series and ask any questions you might have. Access here by entering your name and email.