Reprogramming The Unconscious Mind

Reprogramming the unconscious mind is the best way to generate changes in your life, if you’ve come up against an ‘inner wall’ which is holding you back. Everyone carries baggage from their childhood and from previous experiences in life. Our experiences can be so powerful in our childhood, that we consciously forget them and their meaning. Even with huge effort and desire, our unconscious programming can stop us from attaining the things we want in life. Beliefs and energy patterns which are embedded in our unconscious mind, can hold us back our entire lives, if we don’t uncover them.

If you’ve been ‘trying’ and failing to attain something in life, reprogramming the unconscious mind could be the answer. In fact, a small shift in your thinking can sometimes make far more effective changes in your life than a huge amount of struggle and conscious effort.

Reprogramming The Unconscious Mind

Getting your success ‘blockers’ down on paper, is a good place to start. Start by writing down why your life isn’t the one you really want. “My life isn’t where I want it to be because….”

reprogramming your unconscious mind

This can bring up a number of your reasons why you are living in the current circumstances which you have. Write a goal you would really like to achieve and then write down any reasons why you don’t have it yet. These can be a good indication as to what unconscious beliefs are holding you where you currently are.

Your current dialogue which you have with yourself and others is the ‘feeder’ to your circumstances. Napoleon Hill says in his classic book Think and Grow Rich “Remember what has been said about the unconscious mind resembling a fertile garden spot. In which weeds will grow in abundance, if seeds of a more desirable nature are not sewn therein.

Your current dialogue, therefore, is a very useful indicator as to what is going on in the subconscious mind. The more you repeat things that are wrong in your life, the more your subconscious mind will create more for you, because it’s what you are focusing on. Start noticing where your thoughts creep to in the different circumstances in your life. Are you prone to thinking negatively about your life? In what areas of life do you struggle the most?

Reprogramming Your Unconscious Mind – Meditation

Meditation is a great way to tune into your subconscious mind by quieting the ‘chatter’ of the conscious mind. At first, this is the best reason to start meditating, if you’ve never done it before. Just sit quietly and observe. You’ll soon see the endless inner chatter which you have with yourself on a near constant basis.

reprogramming your unconscious mind

By calming down this chatter, things will automatically become clearer. You are communicating with your unconscious mind with this chatter. Your unconscious mind is attempting to deliver results based on your intentions and desires. But often, our thoughts are conflicting. We think we want something and yet have contentious thoughts which counteract the others. If there’s too much ‘noise’ the subconscious won’t know what to give you.

Unless you have a clear intention, the subconscious mind will simply create the best results based on your conflicting view points, beliefs and intentions. Calming down the chatter with regular meditation is a good first step towards reprogramming the unconscious mind.

Reprogramming The Unconscious Mind – Belief

If you don’t believe something is possible, how hard will you attempt to make it happen? Most likely you won’t even start. Belief is therefore the driving factor in most of life’s achievements and circumstances. Without belief, you’ll give up before you even start. Many of our beliefs lie in our subconscious mind below our threshold of awareness. However, they still have a massive impact on our lives, despite the fact that most of us are completely unaware of them. Uncovering beliefs is therefore a useful step towards reprogramming the unconscious mind.

reprogramming the unconscious mind

So how do we do this? As mentioned in the first half of this article, one strategy is to watch you words and thoughts. Beliefs are the basis for much of your thinking though, so they are hidden behind your beliefs. Often, a belief will stop you from achieving something in life and you can discover it by listening to your ‘story’.

When you talk about yourself and your life, what comes up? This is your story. Behind your story are the beliefs which underlie your story. Notice your story as you tell. it. Do you say anything negative about yourself?

Unconscious Success Blockers

reprogramming the unconscious mind

In Stuart Lichtman’s book How to get lots of money for anything fast, he uses a strategy to uncover your most intentional goals. Most of us set goals and fall short of achieving them. This can be for a few reasons:

  • We don’t truly believe in ourselves
  • Perhaps we think the goal isn’t possible
  • We’re not motivated enough to work for the goal
  • Our other counter intentions get in the way of it’s achievement.
  • We don’t want the goal enough

Belief and desire are the strong motivators when it comes to goal setting. Unless both are strong enough to overcome any inertia and laziness, you’re likely to give up before making any headway. Getting clear on your intentions is therefore well worth the effort. Since you’re likely to come up against some strong counter intentions along the journey towards your goal.

For example, let’s say you want to lose some weight. You start hitting the gym and cutting back on your calorie intake. Before long a chance comes up to go out for a few drinks. Your intention to lose weight isn’t strong enough to give up an old habit of going out and having a few drinks. This puts you back and the next day you don’t feel much like going to the gym.

Before long, you’ve fallen back towards your habitual state of living, in which you are putting weight on, not taking it off.

Mantras For Reprogramming The Unconscious Mind

Anything you say repeatedly to yourself is a good signal of a latent belief which is holding you back. “I’m not good enough..”, “I’ll never earn enough…” “Life’s a struggle..”, “Making money is hard…” “I’m not ruthless enough for…” etc. etc.

reprogramming the unconscious mind

So for many people, strong affirmations which counter their usual self talk, is a good idea. One of my mantras was “life’s a struggle”. I had heard it many times growing up and ‘inherited’ it as an inner belief. I was determined for life to be difficult, because my inner belief told me that was life!

I had many negative beliefs about money too which made things difficult:

“Rich people are greedy”

“It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven”.

“Rich people can’t be spiritual”

“Money doesn’t matter to me”

“Money isn’t important”

“Making money is hard and stressful”

I had lots of beliefs like these about money because I was ‘programmed’ to think about money in a negative way. If you’ve grown up with negative connotations towards money, or the lack of it, you probably have many too. It’s usually the lack of money which creates so much frustration and anxiety for people. Money itself is simply a tool. But if we internalise the negative energy that we associate with money, we can repel it from our lives because of this association.

Notice your talk about money, either to yourself or others. This is a big clue to any success blockers and negative energy which you have towards having and enjoying money in your life. See affirmations, mantras and positive intention and money mantra to become rich.

Reprogramming The Unconscious Mind – Self Image

Your self image is a massive key to discovering any unconscious behaviour patterns, problems and negative beliefs. Maxwell Maltz was working as a plastic surgeon and realised than many of his clients carried on their same behaviour even after corrective surgery. Although they thought that plastic surgery would change their lives, they carried over a negative self image which kept them ‘prisoner’ in their own lives, even with new facial or body features.

reprogramming your unconscious mind

Maltz realised this and started helping people alter their self image as part of their treatment. in many cases, a change in the self image meant that they didn’t need the surgery. By altering how they saw themselves in their mind’s eye, they were able to live more fully and become more happy and well adjusted.

Maltz wrote his book on the self image psycho-cybernetics, it’s well worth a read. Even if our ‘outer’ lives are perfect to a bystander, a negative self image can make life very difficult. The self image can act as a ‘magnet’, drawing our lives back to what we think we deserve, rather than what we truly want for ourselves. If we think badly of ourselves, even if only unconsciously, we will continue to create problems because of this.

So altering the self image is another way of reprogramming the unconscious mind because it holds so much power over our actions. If you think you can do anything, you’ll achieve far more than if you have a very low opinion of yourself. “Can do” and self worth are two aspects of your unconscious mind which can help you dramatically improve your circumstances. How would you rate yourself on both your “can do” attitude and self worth, out of 10? How can you improve on this?

Habits For Reprogramming The Unconscious Mind – 1

Here’s two of my favourite habits which have worked for me when I have practiced them regularly and for long enough. One is the mantra:

“I’m so happy and grateful now, money comes to me, in increasing amounts through multiple sources on a continual basis” 

This is a great mantra for a couple of reasons. By qualifying the statement with the “happy and grateful” at the beginning, you are putting in a stipulation that money should come while being happy and grateful. I’ve made money and sacrificed my happiness for it. This isn’t the best way to make money. By putting this in, you are putting happiness and gratitude as a priority. You don’t need to say exactly how this money will come. But by repeating it over and over to yourself, you override many old negative beliefs about money, if you do this for long enough. Your unconscious mind will start working on ways to make this belief come true. Just keep going with it and it can work wonders.

Habits For Programming The Unconscious Mind

Here’s another video which has worked wonders for me. By getting yourself into a deep state of relaxation, and then using visualisations, you can program your unconscious mind to create events by ‘living’ them first in your imagination.

Scientists learned with MRI brain scans that this strategy creates the same muscle reactions as the real events. It’s called visual motor rehearsal. The mind doesn’t know the difference between real events and practice events. So by rehearsing an event you want to create in your mind, you can communicate your desire to achieve or attain something which you want to manifest.

Using this strategy repeatedly for 30 days can bring you magical results in your life, if you know what you want to create. To get clear about your desires, get Stuart Lichtman’s book on cybernetic transposition.