Digital Nomad Careers

Looking for digital nomad careers? Fancy yourself as a working nomad? Fortunately for you technology has caught up with us and it’s now easier than ever to work for yourself and carve a career from your laptop while travelling the world.

Digital Nomad Careers

digital nomad careers

So what careers are on offer for a working nomad? How easy is it to earn a living from your laptop and whats the best strategy to get things going quickly?

There’s various methods of building a sustainable living from working online. One of the best methods is by selling affiliate products. Being an affiliate isn’t like being a salesman either so before you write it off bear with me. I’m not a sales man either and the idea of selling something to anyone just isn’t me. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that anyone can do it and it doesn’t require any special skills which are beyond you.

Affiliate Marketing For The Nomad

digital nomad careers

Many travellers looking for digital nomad careers start a blog and write about their travels. On their blog they can link to various hotels, car hire companies and other amenities they find on their travels.

For each sale these companies get from the blog, the blog writers earn a commission. Write enough blogs and get enough visitors and you can earn a nice passive income eventually. This is just one example of how affiliate marketing works for the travelling nomad.

Of course the companies you link to must have an affiliate program which you need to join. Once you join an affiliate program you can usually get banners and links directly to suitable products and services which you can put on your blog/website.

Of course whether your blog gains enough followers is down to a few factors:

  1. How much and how well you write
  2. How competitive your niche is and
  3. whether Google will rank your website for suitable keywords.

Ideally you should blog regularly about something which you are passionate. Choosing your niche is quite important. The more you can put into your blog, the greater the chances of it being a success.

Digital Nomad Careers – Choosing Products

digital nomad careers

Your success doesn’t need to rely on Google though, or a blog for that matter. You can also use advertising to build an online business which generates the reddies. Choosing the right products can mean all the difference when it comes to making an online business a viable prospect. Not all products are equal. Travel blogs can attach car rental company products to their websites to earn an income from each rental. But this is only going to be a single payment each time, assuming you get the traffic.

Membership Products

By choosing membership products to sell which pay you again and again, you can earn an income from each sale rather than a single commission.

High Ticket Items

If you choose to sell high ticket items which pay you up to 50% of the sale price, you stand to make a lot more per sale than for smaller value items.

Up-Sell Commissions

Choose products to sell online which also pay you for later sale to your customers. These are up-sells or add-on products which are closed by a built in sales team. This is another way to get paid later for previous referrals.

Benefits Of Nomad Careers

  • You can work from anywhere provided you have a laptop and internet connection.
  • Use systems, tools and technology to reach a global audience and earn from multiple sources of income.
  • Leverage the power of the internet to make your business work 24/7
  • Scale up with advertising and list building tools

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