Ready Made Websites For Sale

Are you looking for ready made websites for sale? Although there is more to the Digital Business Lounge than simply building websites, the video below shows just how simple it is. Building your own personilised website, with unique affiliate codes can’t get much simpler than with this software. Click on the image below to take a quick tour. ready made websites for sale

Ready Made Websites For Sale

As you can see in the video, the Digital Business Lounge offers some amazing software for website building. More than simply ready made websites for sale, the DBL is part of the SFM – The Six Figure Mentors. The SFM offers online business training, software and a digital business system which people are using to create more freedom and flexibility in their lives. You can access the rest of this video series by signing up here.

If you are looking for ready made websites for sale, you probably know that a website can offer a degree of leverage. Affiliate marketing is a business model which allows you to sell nearly anything online. You don’t need to personally own any products in order to sell them either. That’s why affiliate marketing is such a great opportunity. It also means you can promote and sell products online and never need to speak to a customer or even touch a product yourself.

Ready Made Websites For Sale + Affiliate Marketing

ready made websites for sale
Inside the SFM business system

A ready made affiliate website can deliver products automatically to your visitors. This is why many people are turning to the internet in order to make a full time living. Processes which can be automated are very scalable, and an internet business is no different. Much of the process of delivering products can be done for you on the internet. See done for you internet business.

Digital products particularly offer the affiliate marketer the best opportunity because they offer higher levels of commission (up to 40%). This is because there is no storage or handling costs involved with digital products. The main cost is advertising, and that is basically what the affiliate does.

Having accessed a ready made affiliate website, your job is to advertise it. Without traffic to your website you won’t make any sales no matter how good your affiliate products are (more on this later).

Building Traffic To Your Website

ready made websites for sale

Without traffic you will make no sales. Traffic is absolutely the most important ingredient in any online venture. More specifically you should aim to get targeted traffic to your website. Traffic and targeted traffic are not equal. Targeted traffic is traffic with a massive interest in your products.

Random traffic might also consist of many ‘tyre kickers’ and ‘browsers’. Getting targeted traffic to your site is a matter of creating the right content for your target audience or the right adverts. Knowing your product range is a good first step towards knowing who will be interested in it.

Building traffic can be done in a number of different ways. The fastest being paid traffic and the slower route being content creation (like this article, for example). I mention traffic because you will need it. Just because you are looking for ready made websites for sale, doesn’t mean you have an instant done for you business.

How Do Ready Made Websites Make Money?

ready made websites for sale

I’m glad you asked this question! The video mentioned here shows how you can build one or more ready made affiliate websites in a few simple steps. These particular websites can be customised however you like but if you do nothing to them they already have affiliate banners, content and are effectively ready to go! If you access the SFM training platform and follow the training, you will also be able to access a ready made sales funnel. Again, this is a simple step by step procedure all of which is broken down into various modules so anyone can do it.

Ready Made Sales Funnel

Not only can you access a ready made website, but also a ready made sales funnel and range of high ticket affiliate products. Why would you want this? Simply because an online marketing email funnel is where many of your online sales will come from.

Not everyone is super comfortable with buying from the internet, especially from someone they don’t know. A sales funnel extends potential time it takes for a customer to make a buying decision. On a websie this is generally only a few minutes, or as long as the visitor stays on the site. With email marketing, this period of time is extended into days, weeks months and even years and decades. A sales ‘funnel’ will dramatically increase your opportunities to make online sales.

Types Of Products You Get

ready made websites for sale

Not all affiliate products are alike. Many digital products sell for only $100 or so. At 40% commission this means you can earn $40 for a sale. However, high ticket products can allow you to earn upwards of $400 per sale which makes an online business much more lucrative and more easily scaled into the higher earning brackets.

You can also access high ticket products which include:

  • Built in sales team – closing sales on your behalf
  • Up-sells – higher valued items sold later to existing customers (again sales are closed on your behalf)
  • Multi-tier sales – Available at franchise level (earn commissions on sales made by your team)

To successfully build an online business which enables you to leave your job and go full time, it can take some time. The SFM offers state of the art training, software and a community of online business owners, on hand to help. This will give you the best chance of online success. Startup modules include business set up and blueprints, marketing foundations and essential curriculum.

Learn more and access the SFM video series here.