Adsense Micro Niche Sites

Adsense micro niche sites used to be all the rage. You threw up a website based around a keyword rich domain name, left it there, and earned money. I had a number of sites like this myself: a site called which did rank for a number of years. Then there was a mushroom harvesting website which was top of Google for “when to harvest mushrooms” for ages. I had a number of these tiny micro niche websites which were poised to make money via Adsense income ‘trickles’. They did work for a time too, and I also sold a few affiliate products from some of them.

Adsense Micro Niche Sites

adsense micro niche sites

The main problem was, they all fell off the search results, even the ones I worked on tirelessly for years! Unless you’re going to put a lot of work in on these sites to keep them going, you’re better off doing something else with your time. Needless to say none of mine exist any more. It was once a good strategy back when there was much less competition. But now Google won’t even rank a tiny niche website which has just been thrown up. It can take months before they’ll even recognise it. Plus Google is more sophisticated these days. They look for social signals and interaction in order to give new websites any credibility.

You at least need to be passionate about your website, and make it good. Small “throw up” websites built make money seldom offer any value for their visitors, and Google wants value, not crap!

Adsense Micro Niche Websites

adsense micro niche websites

If you’re going to roll your sleeves up and make an awesome site around a micro niche, you’ll want to choose something you’re passionate about. Otherwise you won’t be able to write any meaningful content for long. You can of course get someone else to do the writing for you, but that’s going to cost you. You can use sites like to get work done for you.

If you do manage to get your site ranking for your main keywords, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough traffic to them to make it worth your while. This is where you do your research. Using Google’s keyword planner, you’ll want to find the ‘low hanging fruit’ keywords which both offer a reasonable amount of traffic, and are less competitive than most. I use a similar strategy which I explain in my ebook Niche Blogging For Profit.

My mistake was trying to build multiple websites around various niches. By focusing one one specific website, and making sure you align it with your interest or passion, you’ll have much more energy for the long term.

adsense micro niche sites

Google’s In Charge

The main problem with Adsense micro niche sites is that Google’s in charge. It’s in charge of whether it ranks your website and it’s in charge of your Adsense account too. I’ve heard of many stories, and known people personally, who have had their Adsense accounts shut down for one reason or another. Often for reasons out of their control. Imagine spending years building a website and earning an income from it, only to lose it all overnight.

adsense micro niche sites

Plus you have your website in the first place. This can take months or years of hard work before you see any results. Of course the ultimate goal is to have a passive income. This is worth working for of course, but only if you know what you’re doing. And nobody can ultimately say they do because Google’s algorithms are constantly changing. The ultimate goal of your website should be to offer value to the end user – that is, the person who is using Google’s platform to find information. Do this well and you’re much less likely to get yourself into trouble.

The Alternative – Affiliate Marketing + Paid Advertising

adsense micro niche sites

There is another way to make an income from the internet, automate it and turn it into a passive income. If you’re going to go to the trouble of building any Adsense micro niche sites, you might be much better off learning an implementing the various paid advertising strategies.

With paid advertising you can get your account shut down too of course. This is to protect the end user again and with good reason. Follow the terms and conditions and policy guidelines of each advertising platform, and you’ll be ok. Paid advertising strategies are arguable better than struggling for years with Adsense micro niche sites. This is for a number of reasons:

  • You’re much more in control with paid advertising than attempting to rank anything on Google’s organic search platform
  • Google want to make money, not give it away. They don’t want to rank websites which cost them money if they don’t have to. I’m not saying they are corrupt, just that they’re a money making business, so there’s a conflict of interest.
  • Paid advertising has become much more sophisticated with platforms Like Google’s Adwords, Facebook advertising and the many other platforms.
  • Re-targeting lets you ‘follow’ your website visitors around the web with your targeted adverts
  • Paid advertising is much more easily scalable – even if your site does rank for your keywords, there’s a limited number of people who are going to your website and clicking your adverts.
  • Pay per click adverts are growing much further into the organic results in many cases.
  • They are also less distinguishable from the organic results than they were only a few years ago. Now they are they same colour and there’s more paid ads above the fold (at the top of search results). Check out this article to see the history and changes of Google’s paid for adverts.

Paid Advertising Is Expensive – No Doubt

adsense micro niche sites

Yep, paid advertising costs money that’s true. If you’ve got a heap of time and no money, why not build Adsense micro niche sites? That was my logic because I had time, but no money when I started out online. But the niche sites simply didn’t work! I spent all of that time building sites which flopped, when I could have spent the time more productively in pay per click scalable advertising.

The main problem for most is that paid advertising platforms are prohibitively expensive. But there’s a way round this problem – use high ticket product ‘suites’ which offer multiple commission strategies. By choosing affiliate products which offer commissions for:

  • High ticket items – Larger value digital products help offset advertising costs
  • Monthly membership products – Subscription products pay you over and over for each sale you make
  • Up-sells – Choose products which have a suite (range of products). For each after sale purchase from your referral you’ll receive a further commission.
  • Multi-tier sales – Earn from your referrals sales (according to your business system placement)

Access a digital business system which lets you use all these commission elements (according to your business positioning), plus access a training and education platform to teach you all elements of advertising online. 

Ready Made Niche Websites

Buying ready made niche websites is no guarantee of income. A niche website needs regular ‘organic’ and/or paid traffic for it to be successful. It’s easy to throw up niche websites and sell them on sites like But that doesn’t mean that they will make any money for you. Be careful when looking to purchase any ready made niche websites. There are a number of things you should question off the bat when looking for niche websites for sale:

  1. How is the site monetized?
  2. How does it get traffic?
  3. Where does the traffic come from?
  4. How old is the site?
  5. How does it rank on Google for the main keywords?

Ready Made Niche Websites

ready made niche websites

There are various websites for sale on which range in price. However, you have to ask, why are they being sold if they are earning an income? If they genuinely are making what they claim, is the revenue falling? Is there some reason why the owner has decided to sell? Do they have a Google penalty? Is the competition too much for them?

Websites take time and effort to build them up. The important thing is traffic. Don’t just buy a website thinking it will make money. Make sure you do your research first. Niche websites can make money from a few sources:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Google Adsense
  • Ecommerce
  • Owner products and services

If someone is building websites to sell on they have no vested interest in the long term success of the site. They might have used unethical link building practices which in the long run will cause problems and get their account a Google penalty. Only after purchase will you find out about this.

Ready Made Niche Websites – Jumping On The Band Wagon

If you are buying a website in a niche in which you have no interest, it will be difficult to continue developing the website. Ideally you should choose a site you can bring value to and work on for the long term. Small niche websites in competitive industries might look nice but can often simply fall by the wayside. After being sold on to newbies they can fall into obscurity and make zero traffic. Particularly in a competitive niche.

Ready Made Niche Website – My Experience

I started building niche websites around 7 years ago. I had some training and followed a path to build a variety of niche websites, get them ranked on Google and make affiliate sales. Affiliate products can be anything, and choosing the right affiliate products for your niche site is vital to your online success.

I had a lot of problems too, especially with niche websites. Site after site I built with the hope that if I threw a lot of mud at the wall, some of it would stick. I did make some income from a couple of my sites, but on the whole I failed more than I succeeded. I had the wrong formula for success.

It relied on Google ranking my niche websites, and me getting free traffic. It flat out didn’t work. My sites were also so rushed that I didn’t really offer any value. I threw them up thinking they would be a ‘magic pill’ for success – pushed on by the ‘quick buck’ mentality which I had back then.

Ready Made Niche Websites – The Right Education

I later joined a community of online entrepreneurs and found a couple of mentors who put me on the right track with my online business. Access a free month of training here. The main problem was my thinking. I thought like the majority of people entering into the ‘online business’ niche. I though it would be easy, and I was ‘conned’ with all the fast money ‘make money online’ videos which I was dutifully watching every day.

There are definitely a lot of positives with an online business. There’s no doubting that. Things like the automation, the global reach and the ability to build relationships with many people through email marketing “the killer app” of online marketing. However, many of these online videos over emphasized the ‘ease’ with which you can create large incomes from the internet.

I was desperate and so rushed into it without having my eyes fully open. Getting the right education from the start would have saved my a lot of time and money. Start here.

Your Own Ready Made Niche Website

ready made affiliate websites

You will also be able to access not only your own ready made niche website/s but also a ready made email series and range of products. This has been the game changer for me with my online business. Initially I had multiple websites and simply picked out some affiliate products to put on them.

But I had no affinity with the products or even the topic I was blogging about. Having a range of products is far better than selling single items simply because you can benefit from the lifetime value of a customer. It’s also worth choosing products which are high ticket. high ticket products make an internet business much more viable. Selling a product for $100 might make you $50, so selling higher ticket items obviously makes sense. A $2000 item can make you $1000 in commissions – given the same commission rate as the $100 product.

When building an online business this makes sense for a few reasons:

  1. You have a global audience and can target your customers very specifically with online advertising
  2. The same work is involved in selling smaller items and with larger priced products.
  3. It offsets your advertising costs and so makes paid advertising much more possible.

Ready Made Affiliate Websites – Ready Made Product Range

Finding the right business model will also help you make the most from your niche website:

  1. Multiple products within a range which you can earn from – With many affiliate products you only earn from a single sale. Any other sales are not attributed to the connection you make between the customer and the company selling the products. The best model rewards you again and again for future sales from customers you have found.
  2. Using products with multiple up-sells and a built in sales team – Having a sales team closing sales on multiple products after the initial sale can make you a lot more in back end sales.
  3. Using membership products – Membership products can make your online business much more viable. You benefit from continuous monthly commissions on the right membership products, rather than just single sales.

Access a digital business system, your own ready made niche websites which can be put up with the minimum of fuss and an educational platform which can give you all you need to succeed online. Access here.