Escape The Rat Race UK

Looking for escape the rat race UK? What does escaping the rat race mean to you? For some it is moving to the county. Others long to escape their mundane job and live a different life. Whatever your reasons for searching for “escape the rat race uk”, I’m willing to bet that money is a factor. I longed to escape the rat race too. I looked for a solution for working in an unfullfilling job, never having enough money and a desperate feeling that I was missing out on something.

Escape The Rat Race UK

escape the rat race uk

I looked to the internet as a means to earn an income several years ago. I longed to work for myself and I hated the lack of power I always felt in the low paid jobs I was always juggling to make ends meet. I felt like a victim in my circumstance and I wanted out!

Starting with buying and selling things on ebay I progressed to a different business model. I saw the potential in selling digital downloadable products on the auction site. You can read about how I used to make money on ebay in my article how to start a profitable ebay business. It was the simplicity of setting up automated sales which struck me as the best business opportunity to pursue. Once it was set up, it basically worked 24/7 on complete autopilot. I bought a few products like this myself, in order to learn how to do it.

Dropping Out Of The Rat Race – Selling Digital Products Online
escape the rat race uk

For me, escaping the rat race was a matter of creating time and money. I wanted a business model which meant I could choose my working hours, work for myself with no boss, and earn a great income to boot! With an internet based business you can also work anywhere globally and are not tied to a physical place.  I also wanted a purpose and a job I was passionate about. I didn’t believe in what I was doing in most of my jobs. It wasn’t me!

This idea led me to affiliate marketing, (after a lot of experimentation). Affiliate marketing lets you sell other people’s digital and physical products over the internet.

This is a great model because you can scale it and benefit from automated sales which happen over the internet. Digital products in particular caught my attention because you can earn 40-50% commission on a sale.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

escape the rat race uk

Affiliate marketing gives anyone the opportunity to escape the rat race. If you found this article by searching for “escape the rat race Uk”, you might be looking for something like affiliate marketing. There are a few reasons why I ended up doing affiliate marketing. At first I was simply looking for alternatives to having a boss and working a normal job.

I hated routine and I didn’t like having to turn up again and again in a job. I spent a lot of time doing ebay and it was a simple purchase of a donwloadable product which struck me as the perfect ‘lazy’ sales model! Simply click a few buttons and you have purcahsed an item. The product is delivered automatically over the internet. There’s no stock to deal with or customers to talk to. It’s the ultimate selling machine!

Before I came to find affiliate marketing and this model in particular, I tried lots of other methods of making money online. I built hundreds of websites too. I wasted a lot of time and almost threw my laptop through the window on countless occasions! However, affiliate marketing was the best bet for me. All the other strategies fell short for me. So I set off on a quest to make a business out of affiliate marketing.

Escape The Rat Race UK – Which Model?

escape the rat race uk

I tried many affiliate products online and stuck with this model which offers a sound strategy in terms of leverage – (See trading time for money trap). There are thousands of products to sell online and you can choose between digital products and physical products. Digital products offer the best commisions – up to 50% in some cases so it made obvious sense to choose digital products over physical products. I still struggled and was still doing things which didn’t prduce results. It was the methods of generating website traffic which was the main sticking point. I choose a product to promote which also gave me the right training and education. I struggled for years on my own before I realised the value in this. 

A good affiliate business model should also offer:

  • High ticket commissions – make more per sale in commission
  • Memberships – offer you an income for the ‘lifetime’ of each customer.
  • Multi-tier sales – You can build a team and earn from their sales
  • Built in sales team – closing sales on your behalf.
  • Up-sells – a range of products to offer existing customers.
  • Pre-built sales model – Including sales funnel, landing pages and email follow ups which you can instantly benefit from. (This saves a heap time)

Get started today with your own internet business.

  • Build up your internet business around other commitments
  • Work from home or from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Anyone can learn this even without prior experience