Escape The City Jobs

City dwellers far and wide are realizing that they are not indispensable to their employers and getting out before they are completely bought in to their city lifestyles. Some are looking for a different life and although they once bought into the fat pay-checks, some are realizing that city life is a trap, and getting out while they can! They are looking for “escape the city jobs”!

In 2009 Dominic Jackson was feeling unfulfilled after 3 years of working for a company in London – Ernst & Young, as a management consultant. He asked his boss for a sabbatical break but was rejected. Apparently 6 of his colleagues has also asked for sabbaticals over the previous three months and they were given priority.

Jackman was 30 at the time and decided this wasn’t the answer he had wanted! Teaming up with his colleague who had a similar problem, Rob Symington, also 30, the pair decided to scout the internet for opportunities to escape the corporate rat race and, living on a shoestring budget for several months finally came up with the idea of ‘Escape The City’ – a website which offers unhappy corporate professionals opportunities, connections and ideas to escape the corporate world. Here’s their website.

Stuart Ross was an unfulfilled estate agent who had been working in the industry for 8 years. Although he had a respectable income he was fed up of working around the clock for it for someone else’s company. He began looking for an alternative to his long hours and heavy work schedule. He wanted something which would enable him to do some of the things he had given up over the previous few years due to his heavy work schedule.

Turning to the internet Stuart tried several businesses some of which failed and after finding a mentor he started his own successful online business which used leverage to create more freedom in his life. The internet allows anyone to ‘leverage’ their time and efforts and multiply them by using the tools available with an online business. This allows anyone to create a ‘lifestyle business’ which can be operated from anywhere in the world. Stuart has since teamed up with Kay Kubassek to create their own online education platform which enables people from around the world to benefit from an online education and the technology and tools which allowed Stuart to escape his city job. Learn more here.

What does it take to Escape the Corporate Rat Race? 

Why are people willing to take a huge pay cut and put themselves under huge financial pressure when leaving their city jobs? Most people simply won’t do it once they become accustomed to a certain level of income. Unless they are severely unhappy in their jobs they don’t have the motivation to take the necessary measures to make a lasting change.

You need to suffer in order to look elsewhere

Only through a certain amount of inner suffering with our situation do we develop the necessary motivation to try something new. Without the lengthy commute, the tiresome boss, the endless deadlines and the long hours, people wouldn’t look for alternatives. Equally with a low paid position the financial struggle and hardship of never quite having enough money can become a driving motivation for many.

Start your own internet business from home

If you are currently struggling with your lifestyle, income level or are finding that a corporate life is not for you and you would like some more space in your life, you can learn how to build a business from a laptop in your spare time. This is a legitimate business and not something which will make you rich overnight. As such it will take time and perseverance before you can see the results. You will need the determination to learn new skills and implement them. Ideally you would do this around an existing employment as it won’t yield results immediately.

Learn how you can start an internet business which can be run from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and an internet connection.