How Can I Escape The Rat Race?

“How can I escape the rat race?” There’s a lot of people feeling trapped by their jobs. Does your job feel like a rope around your neck? You sit in traffic to get to work. You sit in traffic to get home again, only to start all over the next day! As you sit there inching along in the slow moving traffic with all the other commuters, you wonder to yourself how this has become your reality. Is there is a way out of it?

Your finances are tied up with your income

If you have been living to your means you will be living paycheck to paycheck and be completely reliant on your job to survive. You may even have a weight of debt hanging over you, which means you are all the more ‘trapped’ knowing you depend on this income every month. If you have a family to support all the more so.

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How can I escape the rat race? 

First realize that you are not alone and that thousands of people around the world are feeling exactly the same. The ‘rat race’ is something you bought into a long time ago when you made some choices to buy all the stuff you didn’t need! Like the fancy car, the holidays abroad and the job which would pay for it all. Over the years you have bought more stuff and perhaps even spent more than you really had. You learned to depend on your income. Now you are saddled with all this debt and feel trapped by the very job which allowed it all to happen in the first place.


Spending more than you make for a consistent length of time will put anyone in debt. Once there you will accumulate more and more debt unless you get out quick. Getting out of debt takes as long a time if not longer because you have to pay interest on your debt. The first step of getting out of the rat race is to get out of debt. Debt will keep you in a constant cycle of poverty. Read The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach who has some great advice on removing debt. Once you get out of debt stay out of it. Live to your means and put money aside each month on ‘autopilot’ which goes out of your account when you get paid and into another account which you can forget about.

Live below your means

Escaping the rat race isn’t just about leaving a job you hate. Even if you love your job and your spending is out of control, you are back in the ‘race’ – a constant state of ‘striving’ for the next moment and never living truly in peace. The feeling which accompanies spiraling debt is a horrible fear which can follow you all day. By living to your means and even below your means consistently over time, you will have engineered the reverse cause of what most people in the rat race do – living above their means consistently over time. One of these habits creates debt and the other creates wealth.

how can i escape the rat race

Television, Magazines, The rich and famous

Our culture glamorizes fame, money and beauty. By buying into these role models of our society you compare yourself to something which is unobtainable. By constantly comparing yourself to standards which are impossible to achieve, your resulting state is a poor self image. We want the nice car, the big house and the beautiful partner. However, much of what we see on television is manufactured. Even the actors and models themselves have had air brushing, plastic surgery and heavy amounts of makeup to look as we perceive them. They don’t actually exist as we see them in some cases as airbrushing can completely change someone’s body. We think we should be rich, beautiful and happy and the continued broadcast of this idea creates our unhappiness and contributes to our ill health, mental conflict and insecurities and of course affects our spending habits.

You’re worth it!

How many times have you heard this? It’s a well known women’s brand but it also is the message peddled by much of the advertising we see on television. So we buy the new car and take the holiday despite what we actually earn – because we’re worth it! The next time you ‘treat yourself’ remember the price you pay later when you are in debt, unable to pay and miserable in your work! Many people are living in abstract poverty now because they bought the ‘dream life’ which they really couldn’t afford.

Do something you enjoy on a regular basis

Living only for money is very unsatisfactory. Make time to do something you enjoy regularly which gives you some satisfaction and which isn’t tied up with money. Just doing something which changes your state can have a dramatic impact on how you perceive life and the trap of working for money.

Plan your escape

Plan an escape route from your job by looking around for other jobs, thinking about what kind of job you would like, and working on your passions. You can build an internet business around your current working hours which can eventually replace your current income. The internet is a great means to escape the rate race. The automation involved with an internet business means you can scale it and create a semi -passive income sources.

Leverage – The Power Of Systems

You need leverage to create money without having to work harder for it. Wealthy people use their money to make money. If you don’t have money already this is not a possibility of course. However, an internet business can offer you the ability to leverage systems which work on your behalf. Getting paid for what you have done previously is a royalty payment. Most jobs don’t offer royalties. However, an internet business can offer you the opportunity to make money from work you have done previously. Leverage is working smart, not just hard. If means you continue to benefit from the hours you have put in for months years and decades to come.

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