Quit My Job, Now What

I just quit my job now what? If this is you don’t panic. You’ve obviously done this for a reason. Whatever your circumstances, they can always change. Use this time and definitely don’t panic! The worst thing you can do is panic and run around desperately trying to either get your job back (doubtful), or find another one just like it. It could be that you’ll feel exactly the same way in your next job, so it’s worth thinking things through.

quit my job now what

Quit My Job, Now What?

The bad news is that you’ll probably feel scared and insecure for a while. If you’ve nothing to go to you will worry about the future and about what you’ll do next. Let that pass because the good news is you took an awesome leap of faith. Sometimes in life it takes a dramatic ‘leap of faith’ before anything good can start to happen. If you’re locked into a job which you hate, you never have time to either look for another one, dream about what you really want, travel or try something new.

Now you have the time and what’s even better is you’re not constrained by the thinking of the people in your job. Some jobs become so mentally constricting that the only way to escape your own unhappiness is by quitting. Everyone around you thinks they have to keep working in their jobs. No one really wants to work there, they just don’t have the courage to escape:

Quit My Job Now What

Whatever your situation is, it can change. Keep that in mind. Stay positive and take some time to just think about what you’ve left behind. I’ve quit many jobs over the years and I’ve never regretted it! At the time it feels like a big deal but when you look back and see the lessons you learn, you’ll see that it just wasn’t the right path for you. You want something different,  you just need to figure out what that is.

All the jobs I quit were dead end jobs mostly with the exception of a couple desk jobs which made me completely miserable. At the time I thought I needed these jobs. In hindsight, they were holding me back in life and presenting barriers to new opportunities which I had never even thought about. When you ultimately find something which you love doing, and which pays money, you will be grateful for the struggle which leads you there, if that’s where you’re going.

Not everyone has the same path in life and not everyone’s journey is the same. Those who have succeeded in unusual careers didn’t get there by playing it safe and always having money in the bank.

Ask Yourself Good Questions

Don’t ask questions which imply negative conotations. These are questions like:  What am I going to do now? Have I done the right thing? What if things never change? What if I can’t find a job? Etc. These kind of questions have negative conotations attached. They imply failure. Instead, ask yourself positive questions which direct your subscoscious mind into positive outcomes and solutions.

Join a monastery? Go travelling? Start a business? Bum around? Find another job? Re-train for something else? Call a friend? Do things your way for a while.

Perhaps you didn’t feel valued in your job? What kind of job or career would you feel valued in? How would you like life to be in a perfect world? What do you value in life? How will this world be better because of you? What would you like to change about your life immediately and over the next 5 years? Is there something you have always wanted to do, but were afraid to? What could you do if you have all the confidence and self assurance you needed?

What would you do if money was no object?

Quit My Job Now What – Career Advice

I quit my job now what? I’m not the one to hand out career advice. I have never held down a permanent ‘job’ type job for longer than around 6 months. However this has given me a lot of freedom over the years to pursue a ‘dream’ career in the film industry. I still work as a stunt performer, on a part time ‘as and when’ basis.

I always had a passion for the martial arts too which I never gave up on. As a result I now run and own a martial arts school in Bradford in the UK. I don’t consider this a ‘job’ either – even though it kind of is one. This isn’t full time either and I run classes 4 times a week.

I also run this website and have a online business attached to it. You can access a video series and learn how to start one of your own here.

Having three businesses is a bit of a juggle at times but it means I don’t need an employer. That was a goal of mine many years ago – to be my own boss. The point is, you can work hard at anything and make a career out of it. You just need to keep going, believe in yourself and focus on making it work.

To fill in the many gaps in employment I had over the years, I looked towards the internet as a means to make ends meet. If you’re thinking “I quit my job now what?”, here’s another possible alternative avenue for you to look down.

An Internet Based Business

At first I needed work which I could fit in between TV jobs. Employers were reluctant to give me time off for TV work so I looked for something I could do from home. I started looking to ebay to do buying and selling to make a profit. Take a look at my article on how to start a profitable ebay business. This strategy worked but it wasn’t going anywhere. Plus it was dull, dull, dull. I couldn’t get excited about it after a while. I was just buying and selling crap. I had no interest in it besides the money.

I later found a business model which could be mostly automated and scaled. I ‘stumbled’ onto affiliate marketing after buying an ebook online and realising the simplicity of the simple purchase. I bought and downloaded a digital ‘ebook’ instantly. The seller didn’t even need to be there. This, I thought was the best sales model ever! I later learned there was an even better business model which it took me several years to discover. Access it here. you can also grab a free copy of my Affiliaite Marketing For Beginners ebook here. 

quit my job now what

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