Purchase Vending Machine Business

Are you looking to purchase a vending machine business? A vending machine business gives you a ‘hands off’ cash generating machine which you can ‘leverage’ to increase your income without having to be there. Unlike a job where you give your time for money, a vending machine business can give you time and financial flexibility. It can also be scaled, unlike a traditional working model where you trade your time for money. Trading time for money can never be scaled and you are always ‘in’ the system. The vending model allows you to scale your business and step away from it while still generating income. See also autopilot income system.

Purchase Vending Machine Business – The Digital Model

purchase vending machine business

The digital economy has enabled anyone to work from their laptop and using a ‘digital’ vending machine model. Much like a physical vending machine where money is put in to get a product out, digital vending machines offer digital products instead of a chocolate bar or fizzy drink. Products can be anything from a book on Amazon to a training course online. The digital vending machine allows anyone to work from a laptop and set up multiple product sales which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The Digital Vending Machine

Websites send customers to landing pages where they can buy products online. Amazon is the best known digital market place. Anyone can join Amazon’s affiliate program, promote their products and earn commissions from the sales they make. However, selling a book on Amazon will only make you a small commission. To make much larger commissions and more profit you need to choose products wisely. Choose products with:

  • High ticket commissions – making you more on each sale
  • Monthly memberships – giving you monthly membership commissions
  • Built in sales team and up-sell products – Meaning you don’t have to personally close sales and you can sell higher value products later to the same customers
  • A Global Audience – This gives you the ability to scale up massively once you have a profitable advertising model.

Buy Your Own Vending Machine

You can access a digital vending machine business here which gives you:

  • Full training and support
  • A community of online entrepreneurs who can offer accountability and advice
  • High ticket digital products which you can sell for up to 50% commissions
  • Multi-level income streams – depending on your position in the business
  • All the software, systems and tools you will need
  • Ongoing advice and access to personal training seminars

Your own ‘digital’ vending machine can give you a completely flexible lifestyle business much of which can be run virtually on autopilot once it has been set up. This is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme but a genuine business opportunity which is being used by a growing number of entrepreneurs to leverage the internet to create lifestyles and businesses which were previously out of reach for many people.

You can access a video series  and get started straight away with you own online ‘vending’ machine. Click here to learn how.