SEO Niches

SEO niches can serve to bring traffic to your website from the organic search engines. What are SEO Niches? SEO means search engine optimised or optimisation. A Niche refers to a position, or specific situation. 

pertaining to or intended for a market niche; having specific appeal:
niche advertising.

In the case of SEO Niches they are ideas, articles or websites which can be built to capitalize on a gap in the market. So how can we find niches suitable for our website or content and use them to build our followers?

Finding good niches for our services can be done with Google’s keyword planner. Simply plug in your main keywords into the planer and click on ‘get ideas’. You will then see a range of keywords which are already being searched for in your niche area. Choosing which ones to pick is also a learned strategy.

Choose topics and titles with lots of competition and your articles won’t get found in the search results. Find the right niches for your content and you can earn a load of free traffic to your website or blog – potentially for years to come. Access my ebook “Niche Blogging For Profit” for more on this.

Niche Blogging For Profit

SEO Niches – Finding The Right Keywords For Your Niche

To capitalize on Google’s search algorithm and rank highly in the search results, you need to do a couple of things:

  • Choose low competition keywords in your niche
  • Choose keywords which are already being searched for (using the keyword planner)

To find out how competitive your keywords are simply type them into Google’s main search bar. A low number like the one here indicates a good term to target in your article or blog. Higher than 1000,000 means you have much less chance of ranking an article.

SEO Niches – Creating Your Content

There are of course many other factors involved in ranking your article. Make sure you research your competition. Usually the top ranking article is the best one.

When you write your article make sure to improve on your competition. Use an SEO plugin like Yoast SEO and write more words than your competition has. If you write a genuinely useful and informative article which gives the reader loads of value, people will naturally link to it. Google wants to see this. Don’t try and ‘trick’ Google. Instead, write genuinely good content which will stand the test of time and is difficult to improve on.

Profitable SEO Niches

Profitable SEO Niches can be found in almost any area. Providing there is a demand for your product or service and you can find customers through the search engines. The harder part of this equation is finding your customers through the free search results. SEO is not an exact science and Google always has the last say. Algorithm changes happen all the time and will continue to happen. Your best bet is to not rely entirely on Google to promote your business. You leave yourself very vulnerable if you do. However, despite this there are things you can do to promote your site to the free search engines.

  • Title tags – make sure your keywords are included in your title tags on your website
  • Headers and subheadings in your content – Use and SEO plugin by Yoast for WordPress as already mentioned
  • Keywords in your Alt attributes in your images and image titles
  • Link back to your site with keyword targeted anchor text from suitable sites (similar sites with the same topic ideally)
  • Deep linking from your articles to each other show the search engine ‘spiders’ what you intend your article to be about. Here’s an example: Take a look at my article on successful niche sites. (deep link to keyword targeted page).

Big Sellers

Profitable SEO Niches are not always going to be the main big sellers like “weight loss”, “money making” or “Online Dating”. In fact these topics are very competitive and it is difficult to find untapped markets in these niches which you can easily compete with.

Better to look for other markets which are much less competitive and therefore easier to rank a website or article for. A profitable SEO Niche is one which you can rank a website for on Google and enjoy a lifetime of free traffic to it. Big topics like weight loss, money making and dating are profitable businesses but also too competitive to rank a new site for.

Choosing Profitable SEO Niches


You can start with a well known topic and plug the keyword into Google’s keyword planner. For example I typed “cross stitch” into the planner and got a range of other keywords one of which was “counted cross stitch kits”. This gets 2900 monthly searches according to the Keyword planner. It also is relatively uncompetitive when plugged into Google search page with only 681,000 competing pages at the time of writing.

profitable seo niches
Profitable SEO Niches

Just as a quick example this could be a topic to build a site around. This might not be the easiest website to monetize but in terms of ranking it and getting traffic to it, it fits the bill. You can also choose which articles to write on your site by the same criteria. Go for the lower hanging fruit in terms of keywords.

Profitable SEO Niches – Low Hanging Fruit

Although the top searched for terms might get thousands of monthly searches, you are very unlikely to get on the first page for those terms. Instead go for the long tail keywords which have only a few monthly searches but which are much less competitive.

This way you have more chance of finding some visitors on the first page of the search results. With the more competitive keywords you will be ranked way down on page 10 or more in the results. No one will search that far to find your niche article. Getting on page 1 for a few searches is therefore much better than being on page 10 for the most competitive keywords.

Learn more about finding the right keywords for your niche articles to get found on Google in my ebook Niche Blogging For Profit.