Pre Made Niche Websites

Pre Made niche websites sound all well and good, but there’s two questions you should ask when looking at purchasing one:

  • How is the website monetized?
  • How does it get traffic?

Most of the pre made niche websites you can buy ‘off the shelf’ offer no value because they have no traffic. They look good but that’s their only virtue. The real challenge in building a website which makes money is not the site itself. This can be done in a few seconds with a website building program for virtually no cost. So before you look to buy pre made niche websites, get some insight into why you’re doing it.

Pre Made Niche Websites – Invisible To Everyone But You!

pre made niche websites

I spent years learning about niche websites. I built hundreds of them. What it taught me was that the site itself is the least important aspect of an online. A site can look amazing, but do nothing. When I first started building websites I thought I would instantly attract customers to my website, just because I had it! What most people don’t realise is that putting up a website is the easy bit. Getting people to it is the difficult part.

A Back Street Store

Think of a back street shop which is tucked out of the way down a little known back alley, where no one goes and you’re only half way towards what your website is like in the ‘stratosphere’ of the internet.  As beautiful as your website looks, no one will be coming, just because you bought it and it looks pretty! So think carefully before you rush out and get your pre made niche websites. If they were half as good as you’re being told, they wouldn’t be on the market place.

Which Niche Is Your Website In?

That being said everyone has to start some place and why not start with a niche website? Well, it also depends on what niche you’re in. Some niche’s are so competitive that you’ll need to use paid advertising to promote them. If your product range doesn’t support paid advertising, it might be why the sites are up for sale!

Dating, health and money online are the three most competitive niches on the internet. You’ll have a hard time ranking any kind of content for these niches. If you’re looking at pre made niche websites in these areas, you’ll probably need to use paid advertising, or get very good at content marketing to promote them.

There’s other niches too though that may not be as competitive. Selling a pre made niche website is definitely much easier than attempting to make money with one, though.

Traffic Generation

Traffic generation is the biggest problem for any website which needs to sell products to make money. To be more specific, you need well targeted traffic too. Random ‘tyre kickers’ don’t count when you’re trying to build an online business. The cheapest way to build traffic to any website is through content creation.

pre made niche websites

Blogging and video creation are the two main strategies which people use to get free traffic to their blogs or websites. Then there’s webinars, seminars pod casts and so on. Basically you want people to come to your website, but what’s in it for them? This is what you need to continually ask yourself. Why would someone visit your site, and WIIFM – “What’s in it for me”?

Then there’s paid traffic of course which is the fastest way to bring targeted traffic to your website. Depending on your business model, this kind of traffic may or may not be a viable option. Low cost items aren’t going to cover the expensive advertising strategies you can use with high ticket items and subscription products, for example.

pre made niche websites

Pre Made Niche Websites – Business Models

Not all pre made niche websites have the same business model. Some earn money with Google Adsense (from advertising clicks), some earn money from affiliate products. Not all affiliate products are the same either. Digital products tend to pay more than physical products, so if you’re buying an online store which uses physical products, take note.

pre made niche websites

Digital products can be sent automatically over the internet to a global audience too. This makes an online business very scalable, when it’s built on this kind of business model. Digital products pay out 40% commissions to their affiliates in many cases too.

Then there’s subscription products, up-sells, high ticket products and multi-tier sales. Combining these together makes for an awesome business model. With digital products this makes it very scalable too. This kind of model also makes paid advertising much more viable. Watch this video series for more information. 

If your website uses Adsense, you’ll earn money from visitors who click on them. This is only tiny amounts though and it’s usually not worth paying to advertise a website which only makes money in this way. Websites can also use a combination of both affiliate products and pay per click advertising programs like Google’s Adsense.

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Pre Made Niches Websites – Training And Building Your Online Business

What exactly do you want from your pre made niche websites? Do you want an instant up and running store which is making you money? If this is the case you should expect to pay quite a sum for any ready made niche websites which profess an instant income. Why would someone sell this if not for a large sum?

Sites like will offer to sell you websites which already profess to make money. Do your due diligence though before purchasing a site from here.

If you’re prepared to put some work in yourself, you can access an affiliate marketing website, with built in products and services. This kind of website can offer you a back end business model with digital products and services built in.

Your job is to promote the front end of the business and drive traffic to your sales funnel. You can learn how to do this here. Plus, check out the video below (click image) and see how easily you can have a site up and running with your own product ‘suite’ built in:

pre made niche websites