Pre Made Niche Websites

Pre Made niche websites sound all well and good, but there’s two questions you should ask when looking at purchasing one:

  • How is the website monetized?
  • How does it get traffic?

Most of the pre made niche websites you can buy ‘off the shelf’ offer no value because they have no traffic. They look good but that’s their only virtue. The real challenge in building a website which makes money is not the site itself. This can be done in a few seconds with a website building program for virtually no cost. So before you look to buy pre made niche websites, get some insight into why you’re doing it.

Pre Made Niche Websites – Invisible To Everyone But You!

pre made niche websites

I spent years learning about niche websites. I built hundreds of them. What it taught me was that the site itself is the least important aspect of an online. A site can look amazing, but do nothing. When I first started building websites I thought I would instantly attract customers to my website, just because I had it! What most people don’t realise is that putting up a website is the easy bit. Getting people to it is the difficult part.

A Back Street Store

Think of a back street shop which is tucked out of the way down a little known back alley, where no one goes and you’re only half way towards what your website is like in the ‘stratosphere’ of the internet.  As beautiful as your website looks, no one will be coming, just because you bought it and it looks pretty! So think carefully before you rush out and get your pre made niche websites. If they were half as good as you’re being told, they wouldn’t be on the market place.

Which Niche Is Your Website In?

That being said everyone has to start some place and why not start with a niche website? Well, it also depends on what niche you’re in. Some niche’s are so competitive that you’ll need to use paid advertising to promote them. If your product range doesn’t support paid advertising, it might be why the sites are up for sale!

Dating, health and money online are the three most competitive niches on the internet. You’ll have a hard time ranking any kind of content for these niches. If you’re looking at pre made niche websites in these areas, you’ll probably need to use paid advertising, or get very good at content marketing to promote them.

There’s other niches too though that may not be as competitive. Selling a pre made niche website is definitely much easier than attempting to make money with one, though.

Traffic Generation

Traffic generation is the biggest problem for any website which needs to sell products to make money. To be more specific, you need well targeted traffic too. Random ‘tyre kickers’ don’t count when you’re trying to build an online business. The cheapest way to build traffic to any website is through content creation.

pre made niche websites

Blogging and video creation are the two main strategies which people use to get free traffic to their blogs or websites. Then there’s webinars, seminars pod casts and so on. Basically you want people to come to your website, but what’s in it for them? This is what you need to continually ask yourself. Why would someone visit your site, and WIIFM – “What’s in it for me”?

Then there’s paid traffic of course which is the fastest way to bring targeted traffic to your website. Depending on your business model, this kind of traffic may or may not be a viable option. Low cost items aren’t going to cover the expensive advertising strategies you can use with high ticket items and subscription products, for example.

pre made niche websites

Pre Made Niche Websites – Business Models

Not all pre made niche websites have the same business model. Some earn money with Google Adsense (from advertising clicks), some earn money from affiliate products. Not all affiliate products are the same either. Digital products tend to pay more than physical products, so if you’re buying an online store which uses physical products, take note.

pre made niche websites

Digital products can be sent automatically over the internet to a global audience too. This makes an online business very scalable, when it’s built on this kind of business model. Digital products pay out 40% commissions to their affiliates in many cases too.

Then there’s subscription products, up-sells, high ticket products and multi-tier sales. Combining these together makes for an awesome business model. With digital products this makes it very scalable too. This kind of model also makes paid advertising much more viable. Watch this video series for more information. 

If your website uses Adsense, you’ll earn money from visitors who click on them. This is only tiny amounts though and it’s usually not worth paying to advertise a website which only makes money in this way. Websites can also use a combination of both affiliate products and pay per click advertising programs like Google’s Adsense.

See also  and

Pre Made Niches Websites – Training And Building Your Online Business

What exactly do you want from your pre made niche websites? Do you want an instant up and running store which is making you money? If this is the case you should expect to pay quite a sum for any ready made niche websites which profess an instant income. Why would someone sell this if not for a large sum?

Sites like will offer to sell you websites which already profess to make money. Do your due diligence though before purchasing a site from here.

If you’re prepared to put some work in yourself, you can access an affiliate marketing website, with built in products and services. This kind of website can offer you a back end business model with digital products and services built in.

Your job is to promote the front end of the business and drive traffic to your sales funnel. You can learn how to do this here. Plus, check out the video below (click image) and see how easily you can have a site up and running with your own product ‘suite’ built in:

pre made niche websites

Pre Built Websites For Sale

If you’re looking for pre built websites for sale, you’re either wanting your own online business, or have one of your own already. One thing to consider before you buy a pre built website, is how it makes money. Ready made affiliate websites can allow you to purchase the ‘back end’ of a business, with ready-to-sell products.

But how does the site generate traffic to turn those affiliate links into sales? What back end product sales can you earn from? How does the business model work? These are some serious considerations you should have before you decide on buying any pre built websites for sale.

Pre Built Websites For Sale – Traffic

pre built websites for sale

If you’re looking for pre built websites for sale, from which you hope to earn an income, there’s the small matter of traffic generation too. No matter how great your products may be on your site, without traffic you’ll make exactly ziltch from it! Ziltch, nada, zip!

So if you don’t already know how to generate traffic you’ll need to learn some new skills in order to do it. You can have instant traffic to your site, of course. But it’s going to cost you. If you think you’ll write a few articles and start ranking for free on Google, you might be in for a shock too! It can take years to get any traction on a website using free traffic generation methods.

pre built websites for sale

YouTube is probably your best bet here, but again it depends on your content. You’ll still need to be active. It’s not a set it and forget it free ride! Finding pre built websites for sale, and then expecting to be able to sit back and wait for the money to come in, will probably leave you disappointed. – Pre Built Websites For Sale is one of the biggest websites for finding pre made websites for sale. As you can see on the site, prices reflect the worth of these websites. If you’re wanting to sit back and not do much, you’ll likely be paying a much higher price for it. If you want to take some ownership and roll your sleeves up, you might be better with your own online business.

Checkout the video below by clicking the image. As you can see in this video, you can have one or more ready made pre built websites up and running in no time. Plus there’s a business system behind this which gives you an edge over many other affiliate systems. More on this later. Checkout the video and see how easily you can have a customised website, with pre built affiliate banners and links:

Pre Built Websites For Sale – Business Models

There are various different business models which pre built websites for sale use, to make money. Some use Adsense and other use affiliate marketing. Some are affiliates for Amazon and other use digital products. Depending on the business model you use, will determine the kind of marketing available to use.

pre built websites for sale

For example, Adsense pays you for clicks on adverts which you place on your website. Clicks earn you small amounts depending on what advertisers pay Google for each click of their advert. Usually, it’s going to be a very small amount per click. So it’s also going to be near impossible to use paid advertising with this business model.

Other strategies include affiliate marketing – sending traffic to other people’s products and services. Again affiliate marketing can differ across various types of products and services. Digital products can offer affiliates much larger commissions because they are cheaper to store, produce and send, than their physical counterparts.

Pre Built Websites For Sale – Income Streams

pre built websites for sale

Not all affiliate products offer the same kind of commissions for their affiliates. Physical products tend to pay their affiliates less. Digital products can pay up to and even above 40% commissions to their affiliate marketers. There’s other ways to earn from affiliate products too. Most products pay you once to refer a sale. Then you need to find more customers to make more commissions.

Companies which pay you for sales made after your initial sale, offer commissions on product ‘suites’. This is well worth doing if you’re going to get into digital marketing or are looking for pre-built websites for sale. Most affiliate products pay you to pass customers directly to them. They pay you once but they get to pick up new customers each time. These new customers can potentially become lifetime customers for that company. But they don’t reward the affiliate for lifetime sales.

Companies which offer product ranges, are much better for affiliate marketers.  

Websites With Products Suites Attached

pre built websites for sale

Product ‘suites’ offer a range of products from which you can earn an income. By referring just the first sale, you can earn commissions much later on from sales made to your existing customers. A good product range should include:

  • Automated digital products which can be sold digitally over the internet.
  • Products which offer the customer ongoing value and the affiliate continual commissions
  • Subscription products (membership products, software etc)
  • Up-Sells – Later sales made to existing customers and closed by
  • A built in sales team – closing sales on your behalf.
  • Multi-tier sales – Commissions can be made from sales made by your referrals (This depends on your positioning within a business system and ‘buy-in’ level.

A Multi Tier Business System

Access a multi-tier business system, with high ticket products, up-sells and subscription products which you can earn commissions of up to 40% from. You can also access an online training platform and online community. Access a FREE 7 day video series here to learn more.

Established Affiliate Websites For Sale

You can find established affiliate websites for sale on sites such as The more you pay, the more established and profitable the website is. Be careful when buying a site. Remember you get what you pay for, and sometimes you don’t! Check out your sellers stats thoroughly before you purchase and look into the site and do your due diligence before putting in a bid.

Established Affiliate Websites For Sale

You can also access a turnkey website which is pre-populated with high ticket affiliate links here. You will get access to a ready made website which is pre-populated with your affiliate id in place. You will also get access to tools, strategies and training to enable to you build a profitable online business.

  • Cutting edge tools and training
  • A community of entrepreneurs on hand for advice
  • Access to events and ongoing training
  • Pre-populated website
  • High ticket products
  • Automated sales team doing the high ticket selling for you

Access here.

Turnkey Clickbank Affiliate Websites

established affiliate websites for sale

Turnkey Clickbank affiliate websites allow you to just buy a pre-populated website with affiliate banners. However, you still need to generate traffic to your website. Unless you buy a website which already has thousands of daily visitors, you will still have to generate traffic to the site. A turnkey site doesn’t necessarily equate to automatic income. Why are they being sold if they are profitable? Unless you are paying into the tens of thousands when buying an established affiliate website for sale, you will still have some work to do on it.

Pre Made Niche Websites

A pre made niche site is simply a site within a certain niche. I spent a long time building niche sites. They still work but Google like fresh content. Don’t expect your niche site to sit on the top of the searches without doing anything to it. Even good niche sites in uncompetitive areas still fall down if left to Google. Take a look at Pat Flynn’s (creator of niche site duel) site on Security Guard Training here:

Pat’s site was number one for (you guessed it) Security Guard Training. Do a Google search for this phrase and you will see it has dropped quite a few ranks. There are also now Google Places which take up some space in the results. The paid for adverts also considerably diminish traffic to niche sites. Still, despite this I’m sure he makes a nice passive income from his site. Plus, he probably hasn’t touched it for quite some time.

established affiliate website for sale

You can find pre made niche websites on, or you can start your own niche website. Access a full month of free training, get your own pre-populated affiliate website and access a wealth of tools and information here.

Established Affiliate Websites For Sale – High Ticket Products & Built in Sales Team

The main problem with established affiliate websites is the lack of traffic. Buying a website which has tonnes of ‘buyer’ traffic is expensive. Very expensive. A profitable site is worth keeping, not selling. Pre made nice websites have the problem of falling down when they are not being kept up with.

Selling High Ticket Items On Your Website

established affiliate websites for sale

High ticket items are the way to go online simply because they give you a greater return for your efforts. You would need to sell thousands of low ticket items on your site in order to turn a profit. Not so with high ticket items. You only need to sell a few of these to be in profit. That makes your business very easily scalable.

Choose products with built in sales team

A built in sales team allows you to maximize on your efforts by earning from the further sales to your existing customers. Most affiliate products don’t offer this. You only get paid for what you sell. With a built in sales team which offers affiliate commissions on high ticket up-sells, you still earn from your existing customers when they purchase further items from a product range.

Choose Affiliate Products With Monthly Commissions

Selling a single product gets you only a single sale. You only earn a single commission. You then have your work cut out searching for more customers. This is not the smartest way to earn from your affiliate website. Choose instead to list products on your site, which offer monthly commissions. Monthly commissions keep paying you over and over for the lifetime of your customer.

In addition to selling high ticket products with a range of up-sells, built in sales team and monthly commissions, you will find this business model the smartest investment if you are looking for established affiliate websites for sale. Learn more here.