Pre Built Ecommerce Website

Want a pre built ecommerce website? An ecommerce website can allow anyone to earn an income from the internet. But don’t think that owning an ecommerce website is your ticket to instant riches. There’s plenty of ecommerce website builders which offer nothing more than the website itself; that’s no guarantee of income. Throwing up a website and hoping it makes money is one of the first mistakes I made when I started looking into affiliate marketing several years ago. Checkout the video below to see how easy you can have an ecommerce website up and running very quickly.

pre built ecommerce website

Pre Built Ecommerce Website

A pre built ecommerce website is just the beginning! By itself it’s not a business, as such. But it can give you the ability to grow a business which is location neutral! You can work from anywhere with an internet business. But it does take time and effort to learn how to do it. So what’s involved once you have your pre built ecommerce website?

Marketing Your Website

pre built ecommerce website

Marketing your website is how you make it profitable. You’ll need to know how your website makes money and what kind of marketing that lets you do. For example, if your website only sells low value items, or you make money from Google’s Adsense program, you’ll need to focus on free marketing strategies. Free marketing strategies include content creation such as video marketing and blogging. This article, for example, is an example of a free marketing strategy.

If your sales funnel allows you to earn from:

  • High ticket products
  • Subscriptions
  • Up-sells
  • Multi-tier sales

you will be much better placed to use the various paid online marketing strategies available. Paid strategies offer a faster method of building an online business than the free methods, which take much longer.

What Does A Pre-Built Ecommerce Website Give You?

It’s not that difficult to get a pre built ecommerce website. Get one here. Many companies have built themselves up on the basis of being able to do just this. What many people don’t realise is that it takes a lot more effort to actually bring qualified website traffic to your site and start earning from it.

If you want a website immediately which is already making money, you’re going to need to pull out your credit card, and maybe even visit your bank! Visit to browse the various websites which claim to already be making money. You’ll soon see how much money you’ll have to part with to have an instantly profitable website.

If you want to have a website built for you and learn how to market it too, access this video series to learn more and get started.

Your Ecommerce Business Model

pre built ecommerce website

Depending on the business model of the website you purchase, you’ll be able to promote it in various different ways. As already mentioned, you’ll need a business model which offers high ticket items and multiple earning methods in order to use paid advertising.

Small, lower valued items are going to be much harder to profit from with paid traffic so you’ll need to rely on free advertising alone. When there’s thousands of these mini e-commerce websites floating around, how much weight do you think Google will give to yours? Especially if you don’t have anything other than someone else’s product on it?

Your business model is therefore pretty important in determining how you’ll market your website. Checkout this article on internet business models and strategies.

Pre Built Ecommerce Website – Your Budget

Your budget plays a pretty important part in how you want to start an online business. What does your pre built ecommerce website give you in terms of:

  • Products – Does it give you multiple streams of income?
  • Training – Does it help you learn and grow so you can develop your business?
  • Advertising – How does your budget affect your advertising choices?

Your Time

How much time do you have to give to your online business? Do you want to use your time to build it, or would you rather pay more upfront or to build it with paid advertising? Ultimately an online business should give you time and financial freedom, eventually.

pre built ecommerce website

Even if this means putting time and money into it to begin with. How much time you have to offer an online business will help you to decide which option is right for you, both in terms of the pre built ecommerce website model you purchase, and in terms of how you market your website and build on your understanding.

Access a business system which offers:

  • High ticket products
  • Subscription items
  • A digital products suite
  • A built in sales team
  • Training and education in all aspects of online business marketing
  • An online community
  • An much much more..

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