PPC Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Looking for PPC affiliate marketing for beginners? Using pay per click with affiliate marketing means you can send customers stratight to affiliate products – even without your own website. Pay per click is a very cost effective form of advertising, when done right. It lets you target specific customers based on either their search query or their demographics.

PPC Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

ppc affiliate marketing for beginners

PPC affiliate marketing for beginners starts with the right products. You can spend a lot of money testing and measuring your PPC campaigns so you will want to know you are sending customers to paying products. Not only that, but choosing the right products can mean more commissions further down the road. Even after you have sold a product online and made a commission, you can make further commissions later. But only if you choose the right products.

Basic Affiliate Products

A lot of courses suggest you promote digital products. That’s because you stand to make a lot more on a sale of a digital product than you would on a physical product. Typically digital products pay 40% commission on the sale price. Digital products tend to pay a lot less. That’s because there are more costs involved in physical products. Shipping and handling plus storage costs make physcial products more expensive to promote. Therefore you earn less if you promote these kinds of products.

Membership Products

If you’re going to promote digital products it’s also worth using membership products too. That’s because membership products can pay you an income, rather than just a commission. When you sell memberships you can earn every month for the lifetime of each member. That means as your sales grow, so does your monthly income (assuming monthly membership fees). It also makes more of your PPC advertising campaign.

If you only promote single affiliate products, your earnings from each campaign are severely limited. With memebrships you stand to gain monthly earning from each of your sales (assuming each customer remains a customer). Monthly membership affiliate products include things like autoresponders (email service providers) and hosting providers. Many software tools offer monthly memberships because they offer ongoing value to the subscriber.

High Ticket Products

ppc affiliate marketing for beginners

PPC affiliate marketing also works better with high ticket products. If you’re going to pay for your advertising, high ticket items allow you to recoup your costs much more quickly. An digital product selling for $100 for example, will only pay you $40 in commission. This means you need to set up your advertising campaign to spend less than $40 before making a sale (memberships aside for a moment).

With high ticket products you have much more flexibility in your advertising campaigns. Plus if you choose high ticket products in conjunction with memberships, you gain more ‘leverage’ again over your advertising costs. A high ticket item might sell for $1000, giving you a commision of $400 (at 40%). This means you can spend $300 on advertising and still make a profit ($100). If you also have memberships you can continue to generate income even after the initial sale.

Back End Sales

ppc affiliate marketing for beginners

So you’re looking for PPC affiliate marketing for beginners? If you’re using pay per click, you should also choose products which reward you for back ends sales. Many digital product owners don’t reward affiliates for sales made later by the company. If you’re choosing to use pay per click advertising make sure you get rewarded for back end sales closed by the company. This can vastly increase your profits and add another income stream to your online business. With a built in sales tean you don’t even have to close theses sales yourself to earn commissions on them.

Lifetime Value Of A Customer

PPC affiliate marketing for beginners has a lot to do with which program you join. The specifics of PPC advertising is important too of course. But if you don’t know how much you can make from each sale, you will be unprepared to know how much you can spend. This can lead to problems. Knowing the lifetime value of a customer puts you in a better position to know what you can expect to get in return for your spend. By choosing

  • Digital Products
  • Membership products
  • High Ticket Products
  • Products Which Reward The Affiliate For Back End Sales
  • Products With A Built In Sales Team

you can expect a much greater return on your investment compared with a single point of sale item.

PPC Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

So, now that we have covered the importance of choosing the right affiliate marketing model for your pay per click campaign, let’s discuss pay per click itself.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords offers an awesome pay per click marketing program. It lets you target, very specifically, people by their search query. If you do this in the right way you can have an instant flow of targeted customers to your affiliate landing pages and products. Bing and Yahoo also offer similar platforms to Google’s Adwords.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is another awesome advertising tool for pay per click affiliate marketing. Facebook differs slightly to Google’s Adwords program in that Facebook is a social media platform rather than a search tool. As such you need to treat it slightly differently.ppc affiliate marketing for beginners

Your advert showing up on people’s timelines in Facebook is a form of interuption marketing. You can use Facebook to find very targeted customers by various demographics. You can target people by their age, interests, location, sex and so on. As such, it is a very powerful tool for marketers.

Testing And Measuring

Many marketers and business owners attempt to use these platforms expecting great results on their first attempt. This is a mistake. Don’t expect your first attempt at creating an advert to be the end result. You need to test and measure your adverts against each other to determine which performs the best.

Only by doing this again and again can you find the advert/s which pay back much more than you put in. Only by testing and measuring many elements of your advert and your target audience will you find long term success with PPC affiliate marketing.

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Training and A Range Of High Ticket Products

If you’re spending your hard earned cash on pay per click you need the right training and the right products to promote. Access an online training platform with everything you need to build your own ppc affiliate marketing campaign. More info and a free video series here.