Cheap Franchise Ideas

Are you looking for cheap franchise ideas? An internet business franchise is a cheaper alternative to a normal franchise and can be run by anyone with a laptop and an internet connection. See also Online Education Franchise. So what is involved in an internet franchise business and what can it offer you?

Cheap Franchise Ideas – An Internet Business

cheap franchise ideas

Anyone can start their own internet business and start selling products from around the world. This can be done either through an advertising platform or some sort of blog. What is different about an online franchise business is the business model itself. With a ‘normal’ affiliate marketing business model you simply sell affiliate products and receive a commission – up to 50% of the item’s cost. With a digital franchise opportunity you are buying a whole lot more:

  • A team of sales people who do the selling for you
  • A network of people helping others to succeed online
  • Access to cutting edge software
  • An online education platform
  • High Value products selling globally to online entrepreneur
  • An ‘upselling program’ with items for sale valued up to $20,000+

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Cheap Franchise Ideas – Basic Franchise Levels

The Elite level of membership allows you to make high ticket commissions at the lowest entry level price. Although you can’t make commissions based on the sales of your team at this level, you can make high ticket commissions. You can also join this program at a much lower cost but this does effect your earning potential.

Here is a breakdown of the various basic levels of membership of the SFM (Six Figure Mentors) up to Elite level and the relative commissions paid.

cheap franchise ideas

For more information on membership levels see the membership tab on this page.

Cheap Franchise Ideas – Higher Level Franchise Membership

This (DEA -Digital Experts Academy) program offers several levels from which to ‘buy in’ to the franchise opportunity. DEA Black is the highest (partner) level and offers the biggest commissions. Entry at this level is $20,000. Learn more.

You can make 50% commission on sales of items like this one which would mean a commission of $8000 for one sale if you are a partner member. It also allows you to make commissions from the sales of your team (multi-level-marketing).

In the DEA program you get 50% commission on every sale of the DEA SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM and BLACK product line.

Cheap Franchise Ideas


As you can see, the higher the level you ‘buy in’ at, the larger your earning potential is. Not only from larger affiliate commissions but also from the sales of your team. See more about the Six Figure Mentors Compensation Plan or access the Digital Business System here. To join at any level of this online business system you can purchase the app here and upgrade through the online platform after logging in. Or, to learn more you can also access this video series which explains more about the business system.

cheap franchise ideas