Plug And Play Ecommerce Business

Everyone wants a plug and play ecommerce business. Who wouldn’t? If it meant instant income with no work, you’d be stupid not to want one. But what does it mean to have a plug and play ecommerce business really? Does it mean instant income, or is it just a platform which is able to make money, but needs traffic? Most ‘plug and play’ ecommerce businesses, don’t offer you an instant income. If you want that, you’ll need to purchase a website directly from a site like But if you want your website to be already making money, expect to pay a lot. Tens of thousands in fact. Who else would sell you an already earning website for much less, unless it made very little income?

Plug And Play Ecommerce Business

Checkout the video below by clicking the image. Here’s an example of a plug and play ecommerce business. Not only does this setup give you a working website, but it also gives you an integrated sales funnel within your personalised website.

What’s important to realise with an integrated sales funnel is the business model behind it. When I first threw myself into the affiliate marketing world, I really had no clue about this. I started promoting anything I could get my hands on, without realising the business model which I was spending all my time on.

Why is this important? Because unless your business model is a good one, you’ll spend the next 10 years working away promoting your plug and play ecommerce business, without seeing any rewards for it. With a poor business model, you’ll either waste money on paid advertising which you simply can’t recoup, of you’ll spend a long time learning and implementing free marketing strategies which can take a long, long time to generate any traction.

Plug and Play Ecommerce Business – Use This Model Instead

plug and play ecommerce business

Unless you want to pay tens of thousands for a website which claims it’s already earning, you’ll need a business model which can be grown and scaled. You’ll also need to knowhow to build and scale it and the support to build on that knowledge. Use a business system which has a number of income streams in place:

  • High ticket products – let you off-set your advertising costs and scale up more easily and quickly
  • Up-sells – Earn commissions on products sold later to your existing customers
  • Subscriptions – Allow you to earn regular income from each referral who continues using your services. This can be membership products, software etc.
  • Multi-tier products allow you to earn from sales made by your referrals. This gives you another income stream based on your previous sales.

All these income streams ‘gear’ your internet business to enable you to:

  • Earn ongoing commissions from previous sales
  • Scale up with paid advertising
  • Automate the entire process to create more time and financial freedom

Access a business system, training platform and community which offers all this and more here.

Plug And Play Ecommerce Business – What’s Next?

So let’s say you’ve got your plug and play ecommerce business up and running. You have set up a website and ready made sales funnel. Your business is ready to take in customers and deliver products on near autopilot, without you having to intervene, deliver anything personally or even talk to anyone. What happens next? Usually nothing unless you start to market your website and landing pages.

Unless you market your website, all the most amazing products in the world won’t make anyone come running. It’s kind of like having a supercar that you never drive! In order to get people through your sales funnel, you will need to start marketing.

If you don’t know how to market a website, you’ll be able to learn with this online training platform and community of business owners. There’s two basic methods to get people to your website or landing page:

  • Free advertising
  • Paid advertising

Paid Advertising

I recommend paid advertising but it really depends on your positioning in a business system. If you position yourself at the top tier of the business, you’ll be able to take advantage of high ticket commissions on a range of high ticket products; you can earn 40% commissions on products ranging up to $20,000+, for example. That’s $8000 for a single sale! You’ll also be able to earn multi-tier commissions based on sales made by others in your team.

This can have a dramatic effect on your earning ability. If you position yourself here you can use paid advertising to start immediately generating leads into your sales funnel. You can of course use paid strategies wherever you place yourself in the business. However, it will be much harder to make back what you’ve spent at the lower levels.

Free Advertising

You can also concentrate on content creation. Create content to share around the internet (like this article, for example). As time goes on your content will get more and more coverage if it’s well shared and you write and create good, quality content. Content generation takes much longer to gain traction with than paid advertising. plus it’s not so easily scaled up as paid advertising. However, if your budget doesn’t allow paid advertising, it can be a good strategy if you learn good strategies and continue to apply them.

Content generation can be video, blogging, podcasts, webinars or anything which gives value. Although this takes time, and you need to learn the strategies, it’s free so anything you sell is profit!

Access a ‘plug and play’ e-commerce business which has:

  • High ticket products
  • Multi-tier sales
  • Subscription products
  • A training and education platform
  • An online business community to connect with
  • Easy startup modules to get your website and sales funnel up and running quickly
  • Software to help remove most of the technical aspects of running an online business

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