Personal Development Affiliate Programs

I started looking for personal development affiliate programs a few years ago. I had the goal of building an online business around useful products which can help others. I’ve always been fascinated with personal development and have always had a passion for personal development books. Checkout some of the books I share on this site in my article “personal development books”.

I also share some public domain self help books which have been of a huge help to me over the years.

Personal Development Affiliate Programs

personal development affiliate program

I tried for several years to build an online business with personal development affiliate programs. I used several products which I personally found huge value in. My main problem was income at the time so I turned my attention to learning how to build a successful online business. This in itself is a huge task. I tried all kinds of courses over the years but refused to give up, despite the many set backs I had.

The course I eventually found was The SFM. The Six Figure Mentors have an online community and training and mentoring program for affiliate marketers. At the time I joined the program I was a struggling affiliate marketer. I had tried everything but was still not getting anywhere with my online ventures. So I figured I had to ’empty my cup’ again and start from the beginning.

What I learned is that The SFM is more than an online training and education program. I joined up with the community and attended several events. Before that time I had never actually met anyone from an online training course.

Personal Development – Online Business Development & Mindset

I found out that there was a huge amount of personal development in the training program. There was particularly a lot on mindset training. I was recommended a book which I now promote on my website and it’s probably one of the best resources for personal development and goal setting. You can check it out by clicking the image below:

personal development affiliate programs

This is Stuart Lichtman’s How To Get Lots Of Money For Anything Fast. Stuart Lichtman was an MIT professor who developed a strategy which he calls the cybernetic transposition technique. It’s probably the best go-to book on mindset shifting and goal setting I have read. Which is why I recommend it on my website. Of course I also receive commissions from sales too from this book. However, being an avid self development reader, I can’t recommend a better book on mindset shift, goal setting and achievement, than this one.

If you’re looking to promote personal development affiliate programs this is another gem which offers massive value. Like I said, The SFM also promote this to their members and use many of the principles as part of their mindset training program for entrepreneurs. Stuart also offers a number of other products and services which are attached to the sale of this book as an entry level product.

The SFM – Online Digital Community

The SFM is also heavily involved in mindset and personal development training. It’s online community is on hand to help members personally on a one on one basis. There’s a number of Facebook groups which you can join, and you can learn the strategies of online marketers who have overcome many personal roadblocks and inner success blockers to achieve lives of personal and financial freedom. If you’re going to make a success out of an online business, and you’re passionate about personal development, it’s got a lot to offer.

Access the 7 day video series here to learn more.

Six Minutes To Success – Bob Proctor

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Before finding The SFM I found one of Bob Proctors products called Six Minutes To Success. This is a great personal development affiliate program in which you get coaching from Bob via a number of daily videos. Every day you’ll get a video created by Bob Proctor himself in which he shares many of his best personal development and inspirational ideas for success in all areas of life.

Discover the Secret to Having Good Luck from America’s Greatest Prosperity Teacher. One of the benefits to promoting this program is that it has an ongoing subscription of 50% commission with no end date.

personal development affiliate programs