Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

Pay per lead affiliate programs pay for each lead you generate into their sales system, or for sales made. Often it involves a lengthy online form which needs filling out. Leads must qualify and meet certain criteria, with most of these companies. You don’t get paid for traffic you send which doesn’t convert into a lead and companies often ask for contact information and other detailed demographics, for your lead to qualify.

Leads can earn you commissions and so can sales. Leads can generate amounts, from $0.01 to $100 for example. However this depends on the company. Some companies will pay you for each lead and also a commission for the sale too. Take a look at, for example, which offers a variety of pay per lead affiliate programs.

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

pay per lead affiliate programs

Most affiliate programs pay you a commission for a sale. Only when the sale goes through do you earn a commission. For the owner of the company or product, this makes massive sense. They can afford to pay the affiliate 40-50% of the sale simply because without the affiliate they wouldn’t have made the sale. Owners of digital products don’t have large overheads to cover so it’s mostly all profit. This is why they can afford to pay affiliates such large commissions.

With pay per lead affiliate programs it’s a similar deal. However, they make sure all their leads are massively qualified, before they offer to pay. Most of these programs will have qualifying questions on their lead forms. As an affiliate you will send potential customers to these pre-made forms where they will fill them out. Companies paying upwards of $10 per lead have done their homework. They know it will cost them more than this per lead with a pay per click program. So they offer affiliates either the same amount or slightly less than they would have to pay if they do their own advertising, which most will do as well.

The companies who pay $30-100 have worked out the potential ROI (return on investment). The lifetime value of a pre-qualified customer is far more than their initial outlay. This is why they can afford to pay so much for a qualified lead. As an example, if insurance companies and debt relief companies are paying $50 per click for a lead on Google’s advertising platform Adwords, then it makes total sense to pay affiliates $10-$30 for that same lead.

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs - Other Thoughts

Ideally you would choose a pay per lead program which is global. That way you can benefit from global traffic. However, many programs are localized to certain countries and this means you can only benefit from localized traffic. For example, an American debt relief company can’t accept leads based in the UK. Also you should do you due diligence before signing up to such a program. Although many of these pay per lead affiliate programs are legit, there are always a few bad apples who aren’t going to pay you, and will even take your money and offer nothing in return.

Like any affiliate program, pay per lead affiliate programs can work if you generate not only traffic, but the right kind of traffic. To find quality leads you must drive targeted traffic to the offer.

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs – Back End Sales

Companies who offer pay per lead affiliate programs know that their return on investment is far greater than the initial outlay. They get targeted leads and only have to pay you once. Some companies will pay you for an initial sale as well as for the lead.

However, after that you are back looking for more leads for them. The company therefore is the long term winner. You are finding their customers and they grow their business. Choosing affiliate companies which offer ongoing back end sales (which pay you affiliate commissions), means that you benefit from their growing business. You can also benefit from affiliate sales which offer:

  • High ticket products (higher commissions)
  • Monthly membership commissions
  • Back end sales (closed by a built in sales team)

This affiliate model keeps paying you long after you have referred your initial customer into the system. Learn more and access here.