Why digital marketing is the best job for the new age of diversification

There is a multitude of possibilities when facing a career change and having more than one job is becoming more of the norm. Job security is becoming a thing of the past and many people are having to diversify their skills and turn to a portfolio career in order to survive. Even with several jobs people are still struggling to make ends meet.

Employers are cutting back on full time wages and instead are employing workers on a self employed basis, or  hiring in contractors on short term contracts. This trend is giving the employer more flexibility and they can hire and fire as they please with less people on long term contracts and less rights for their workers. What it means ultimately is that there is less long term security in many jobs that there was 20 years ago.

Whether considering a career change or topping up your income with another job, digital marketing offers a flexible and convenient alternative to the arbitrary working hours of 9-5 and can be fitted around any other job. Working from home or anywhere with a laptop and internet connection, digital marketers simply create website content and market other peoples products. There is no buying or direct selling and no dealing with customers or having to make lengthy phone calls. You don’t even need to handle a product.

Often when presented with a new way of doing things people react with fear. It is really fear of the unknown. However difficult it may be to overcome this it is well worth the effort. The rise in consumerism over the internet shows a clear progression towards spending habits worldwide. Fewer people now  drive out to stores and wait in queues for their items. Why should they when they can get them by clicking buttons on their computer for the same price or often cheaper and have them delivered to their door?

Most people now have a computer and an internet connection in their home which means they have the ability to make an income which is independent of their employer. Not only does the internet provide a means to make an income from home but it can do so in such a way as to completely free up your time and free you from the archaic 9-5 humdrum mentality.

Nothing beats the internet affiliate model for ease of use and automation. The internet allows you to build content and put in place systems which run whether you are there at the computer or not. Providing you have visitors to your site, you have a way of generating income 24 hours a day and 7 days a week on complete autopilot. No other business offers the same flexibility and income potential as does digital marketing.

In an normal job you are expected to turn up at a certain time and leave at a certain time. Usually it is 9-5. You wait in traffic with all the other people who also go to work at exactly the same time as you therefore it generally takes much longer to arrive than at any other time. As you leave so do all the other workers, and so you have at least another hour in traffic on your return home.

With digital marketing you work where and when you want so there is no commute. You can work from home of from your sun lounger by the pool! It doesn’t matter where. No more commuting to work and no more traffic jams!

Even if you love your job you can use your laptop to top up your income and work it around anything your want. I personally have had many jobs doing various things and affiliate marketing offers something that very few jobs do. Certainly passive income is one of the best features of an internet based income.

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