Passive income ideas Uk

Looking for passive income ideas Uk? The idea of having a number of passive income streams which run virtually on autopilot, is quite an attractive one. But where do we start if we have no idea how to create passive income?

Self employment vs. a job.

In normal employment you get up and go to work for a set number of hours a week. If you work harder, you still earn the same amount of money. Passive income means you set up an income stream which builds over time so your earnings are increasing exponentially for the same amount of work being put in. One example of this is in affiliate marketing.

What is passive income?

A passive income is ideally the constant stream of income from something you have done previously. This might include things like a membership website, downloadable ebooks, royalty payments or interest on savings. Passive income is money that keeps coming regardless of whether you put more work in or not. To earn a passive income from the internet takes time to build and develop. Once one passive income stream has been built, you can continue building them, and have a number of websites which make a trickle income each.

Passive income ideas

Some ideas of passive income include things like stocks and shares, buy to let property investments, membership websites, creating stock photography or artwork, developing niche website ideas, selling affiliate products online, selling an ebook through a website, creating review websites, creating apps for sale, writing a book/script, creating a digital book or artist royalty payments (actor/musicians).


For most people royalty payments are out of their reach and it is unrealistic to start down the path of being an artist unless you are deciding on a career or following a passion. For most this is not a realistic prospect and short of having a large investment for shares and buy to let property, passive income is out of the reach of many.

The internet and passive income

However, the internet has opened many doors in this respect lately and if you are looking for something which can fit around an existing job or career which could eventually set you free of it, an online business is a relatively cheap option which offers all the benefits of these other opportunities, but which is far more available to most people.

The internet is still relatively new and many people have already discovered the huge potential of it to leverage their time and allow a much more flexible way of living. Anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can learn the skills it takes to make an income from an internet business.

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