Best Flexible Jobs For Actors

So what are the best flexible jobs for actors? Actors need flexibility. One day they are sitting on the couch watching  Jerry Springer, the next day they might have a casting, or even an actual acting job!

Most employers are kind of inflexible when it comes to taking a last minute day, week or month off! You might get away with a couple of ‘sick days’ but as they become more and more common, your boss is likely to get a little annoyed and show you the door!

I spent a lot of years finding this out as I attempted to juggle between regular income and a career in the film industry as a stunt performer. It’s no easy task! I often wondered what were the best flexible jobs for actors and stunt performers.

Flexible Jobs For Actors

best flexible jobs for actors

Here are a few of the jobs which I attempted to hold down along side a career in the film industry.

  • Data input – I spent a short spell inputting data. They were quite flexible and allowed my to take days off to do extras work – part of the qualifications of joining the British Equity Stunt Register.
  • HGV Driver – I qualified as an HGV driver to improve my skill set and also give me more opportunities in between jobs. You can pick up work through agencies but a lot of companies require 2 years experience.
  • Unit Driver – I got some work driving actors around on set. This led me to meet a couple of people who got me work as a performer. This definitely wasn’t one of the best flexible jobs for actors or performers. I was required to commit to the job for a stretch. When it came to a casting coming up I wasn’t supported in going and eventually turned it down!
  • Online Marketer – This started with buying and selling on e-bay but led to a more lucrative and very flexible job which I do now – Affiliate marketing. This interest also led to another jobs which I had for a while:
  • SEO Content Strategist – I worked for an internet based firm creating content and managing websites.

 I also used my stunt training to land a few jobs part time:

  • Trampoline Instructor – I worked teaching trampolining for a while as this was part of the stunt training.
  • Fencing Instructor – I had some work teaching fencing which again was a spin off of my stunt training
  • Kung Fu Instructor – I still juggle this part time and get someone to cover during working periods.
  • Extras Work – Some actors feel this is bad for their career but it keeps you in the loop, on set and gives you some ‘readies’.


Best Flexible Jobs For Actors

After a while of trying to juggle jobs as an employee I decided I had had enough of trying to do this. No-one was really flexible enough for my needs and ultimately there was a conflict of interests. Also, in the most flexible jobs there was no opportunity for growth or a ‘career’ outside of the film industry – which was becoming a growing possibility.

best flexible jobs for actors

What are the best flexible jobs for actors, or for anyone who needs a flexible job for that matter?The answer, I decided was an internet based job or business. I attempted various internet based jobs which could be done from a laptop. I even tried Forex marketing for two years after getting hold of a course. However I just didn’t have the capital needed (or the discipline) to make it work for me.

Flexible Jobs Online

I looked initially to e-bay but after a while decided affiliate marketing was the best model. Affiliate marketing ticked all the boxes for a low cost start up business which allowed complete flexibility. It also had a few other things going for it:

  • It allows you to work from your laptop from anywhere provided you had an internet connection
  • There was no stock to purchase or hold
  • You could sell anyone’s products internationally
  • No customer contact necessary – simply refer customers to products
  • Mainly automated sales process means you can sell multiple items through a single portal automatically
  • There is massive potential for growth – both personally and financially
  • Offers a scalable income potential

Best Jobs For Actors

The best jobs for actors are the ones which can be picked up and dropped whenever needed. If you can be your own boss that’s a massive plus point too. However, building an internet business takes time and work before you can see the benefits which makes it quite a specific answer to the problem. Sometimes the low paid casual job is the answer but there’s no reason not to start an internet based business as well. For me it was an ‘insurance’ policy or ‘sub’ career which I could work on in my spare time.

best flexible jobs for actors

Low Paid Jobs Nobody Else Wants

Flexible jobs for actors include the low paid jobs nobody else wants! And these are great to pick up and drop as you need to. Joining a temping agency is another way to find jobs like these. However, if you are wanting something more substantial and have grown tired of having to do these kinds of jobs for far too long, I suggest the internet offers the perfect solution for  the best flexible jobs for actors.

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