Own your business but don’t let your business own you!

Owning your own business is great providing it works for you and gives you want you want. Having your own internet business is great because it allows you so much freedom once it starts working, allowing you to work from anywhere with your laptop. However, until it starts working it is important to keep it in context with the rest of your life. And even then it can start to intrude on the more important aspects of your life if you let it – whatever they may be according to your priorities!

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when you are running your online business (or any business for than matter).

    • Keep in mind your business runs so you can enjoy a good life. The monetary goal is irrelevant if you have destroyed all your relationships in the pursuit of it! Keep things in perspective and remember who you are!
    • Don’t let your business run you – you are the boss so that you can prioritize your life according to what (or who) is most important. Don’t let that privilege inflate your ego to the extent that you cut off your relationships.
    • Some people will support you and some won’t. Decide who your friends are and work hard to build those relationships which support your goals and dreams.
    • Remember who is there for you and make sure you reciprocate.
    • Prioritize your most important tasks in accordance to the 80/20 rule. In short, do the things which make the largest difference to your business first – concentrating on the 20% of your business activities which product the greatest results.

  • Plan your time to include your most important activities. If money wasn’t an issue what would you be doing? Make sure you spend some time (away from your business) doing the things which you say you will do once you have ‘achieved’ what you set out to do within your business! In short, do what is important today. Don’t close the rest of your life off because of your ‘business’.
  • Don’t let your business take over your life and remember what is important.

For many people an internet business is a passion and they have a huge drive to work for themselves. To free themselves of ‘the man’ and work for themselves is  dream. This can easily become an obsession and so needs to be kept in ‘check’ with everyday life. Not everyone will share your passion so it’s a good idea to keep it in check when maintaining friendships outside of your internet business. Trying to share your passion with friends and relatives can often  dampen your enthusiasm if met with skepticism!Keep hold of your enthusiasm until your goals become a reality. Then it is impossible to quench by even the hardiest naysayer! Prove it works first for yourself and then it doesn’t matter what anyone says!

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