Dealing with Overwhelm – Stop and take a break!

One of the main things with working on an online business is that you can easily find yourself down the rabbit hole with a head full of problems and nowhere to go. Working on your own can be difficult and frustrating and if you have no-one to talk to it can be overwhelming. What you need is an overwhelm meter! As soon as you get the sense that you are becoming overwhelmed, you need to step back and take the pressure off yourself. Take a break and get some exercise.

If you don’t do this early enough you become locked in to the problem and create more of it. You become obsessed and the harder you try the harder it gets. (I wish I could take my own advice sometimes!). Taking a 20 minute break can ease the burden and de-stress you enough to come up with some answers. After a break use the ‘brain dump’. Write down all the things that are on your mind. Take some time and go into detail. There may be some things which are lurking in your mind which you haven’t dealt with. Write them all down also. This can be an incredible drain on your mental resources. Make sure you cover everything that is on your mind.


Now cross off everything which you can do nothing about and then prioritize everything else in terms of importance. Write down next to each one a basic next step which can lead you on the way to its accomplishment. If you don’t have one already get a mentor. You need someone who is there for you and you can rely on. Being on your own with an internet business can be taxing mentally and you need to be able to escape mentally when you are getting overloaded.

Now you have list of your prioritized tasks you can work through them one at a time. Focus on tasks which can be done rather than looking at the big picture too often and doubting yourself. Don’t look for results, look at your activity.

The internet is a place where we can have access to an infinite amount of information at any time. We can access more information than we are capable of digesting. If you have an internet business then it is likely that you are also overloaded with constant emails and endless sales pitches telling your of the latest opportunity. Sometimes we can forget that the cyberspace isn’t real. It is only information. Remember to stop and take a break. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way. Walter Hagen