Unusual Gap Year Ideas

Are you looking for unusual gap year ideas? During a gap year from education most students travel, work on farms or vegetable plantations and generally do whatever they feel like. See also: Jobs where you can travel. They come back to education and carry on as before. Some gap year students plan a different route and learn a trade or skill in that year – but what if you could do both – travel and earn and learn a life skill at the same time? 

Unusual Gap Year Ideas – A Laptop Lifestyle

Many students are using their laptops to earn while they travel and an income stream from a laptop is quite a feat. Like anything, learning a new skill takes time. What if you could:

  • Learn how to use your laptop to create multiple income streams
  • Sell information products globally
  • Leverage the internet to create more time and freedom
  • Build a long term sustainable income from the internet

Access this video series to learn more. 

Unusual Gap Year Ideas – Your Career Plan

unusual gap year ideas

When I was in school my life seemed planned out by the career councilor. I remember him telling us all that after university (presuming we would all go), we would have one chance to take a year off before our career started, and everything in life would be centered around our career from then on. (Obviously) we would be starting a family and forever tied to them and our careers. Our path was set! This wasn’t the life I had planned for myself! I wanted to take time out whenever I wanted. Perhaps a year out later in life.

This idea eventually led me to the idea of a completely flexible job which can be operated from anywhere in the world. Providing I have a laptop and an internet connection I can work on my online business.

Unusual Gap Year Ideas – Why Only One Gap Year?

An internet business can give you the opportunity of making money from your laptop. This is a lifetime skill once it is acquired. Never before in history has literally anyone with a laptop and an internet connection had the opportunity to reach a global audience, sell them products and services (which already exist on the internet), and make regular and ongoing commissions for doing so. This can give you a completely flexible lifestyle and an income for life. In effect, you then have an opportunity for a gap year whenever you like!  Why not learn this skill in your year out?

Unusual Gap Year Ideas – How To Start Your Own Internet Based Business

unusual gap year ideas

The model for this internet business is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allows anyone to sell other people’s products and services on the internet. Most people have at least bought a book from the giant online book site Amazon. Amazon has an affiliate program which allows bloggers to promote items from the site. If one of your visitors goes to Amazon from your link, you make a small commission. This is the basic affiliate marketing model.

What Works Best For Affiliates

There are many ways to build an affiliate marketing business. Selling the odd book from Amazon won’t make your business profitable overnight. By using membership affiliate programs, high ticket items and monthly residual commissions, you can earn again and again from each product your sell online. This makes your affiliate business much more viable over the long term.

Why is affiliate marketing the best way to spend a gap year?

Much of a gap year is spent working for low wages in order to make money to travel. Although this is part of the experience, a laptop business is something which is completely flexible and allows you to fit everything in around it. No other jobs offer the same amount of flexibility that an online business can. Of course an online business is not the same as a job. You don’t get paid the hour and you need to sell things in order to make money from it.

Unusual Gap Year Ideas – Get An Online Education

The best investment you can make in building an internet business is in your own education. By getting the right information from the start you are giving yourself the best opportunity to grow your business in the right way. When I started attempting to build an online business several years ago I went it alone and it cost me a lot of time and frustration. Start today with this free video series.