Why now is the best time to start an online business

As Eckhart Tolle says there is no time like the present but this is even more true of an internet business. Before the internet came along and allowed the average person to gain access and connect to a large portion of  the population, it was only big businesses which had the potential, financial resources and power to reach a global audience. Now it is within the reach of any small business simply due to the power of the internet to connect to the entire planet. Before the internet came along in order to create a a business which runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year you would have needed to purchase or rented  a physical business, employed staff and spent vast quantities on advertising it.  Most businesses failed within their first year and in order to build a business which could compete with the reach now available through the internet you would have had to have spent hundreds of thousands on it.

We can do things now which were impossible for the average person 20 years ago and a business can be started online for only a fraction of the cost of a  physical business and with a far greater customer reach than was previously possible. Almost all businesses have a website now and internet marketing has allowed many people to build a lifestyle of freedom which was only available for the super rich just a few years ago.

Not only has the internet got the capacity to far outreach the traditional business model in terms of advertising and customer connectivity but it also provides the means to facilitate a full time working business model which runs day and night without fail delivering products and making money even without the business owner being physically present. Very few opportunities exist today which allow the total flexibility of an internet based business. We can now operate an internet business from almost anywhere in the world and all that is needed is an internet connection and a laptop computer.

In terms of lifestyle choice the internet is providing a means to live anywhere in the world you choose and earn potentially an unlimited amount of income. This is true because of how the internet can serve many people at the same instant. In a traditional business there is a counter and a shop. The customer comes in the shop and buys over the counter. If many people come in at the same time a queue develops and only one customer can be served at any one time. With the internet many customers can be served instantaneously and automatically through a checkout system which allows multiple users to purchase items at the same time. No-one even has to be there once the systems are set up. The products are sent out automatically and the money is taken over a secure checkout – all completely on autopilot.

Once the systems are set up an in place online you have what is effectively an automated shop which can take multiple purchases at the same time. Your only job then is to direct customers to your shop.

With more and more people taking advantage of buying over the internet it is a growing industry and with the ease and speed of internet purchasing this trend is only going to continue.

The information age has grown faster than we have. People are still working from an archaic mentality and ‘stuck’ in an old fashioned thought process of trading time for money. What we can achieve in our lives is only limited by our current thought processes as the information age has surpassed current thinking. To learn how to implement the basic tools and strategies needed to implement an online income strategy, enter your email here for a free boot camp course. You can unsubscribe at any time and the course is totally free.