Online Profits For Dummies

Are you looking for help with online profits for dummies? Here’s a basic overview of what’s involved in building a sustainable and legitimate online business from scratch.
Online Profits For Dummies

Online Profits For Dummies

Online profits for dummies can be obtained using the affiliate marketing model. Affiliate marketing is the model most people use to build a successful online business given that they haven’t anything of their own to sell online. Affiliate marketing is basically getting paid for referring people to products and services online. The book above, for example is linked to Amazon through an affiliate link. When someone purchases this book through my link, I earn a small commission.

Building A Sustainable Income Through Affiliate Marketing

Selling one item like this will only make a few pence. However, by selling multiple items like this repeatedly, a residual income becomes possible. However, this requires a large amount of traffic through a website in order to make it work.

Selling Memberships

By selling memberships online you can build a continuous income through each individual sale and the monthly residuals for every month your members continue to subscribe.

online profits for dummies

High Ticket Items

Selling high ticket items means you can make larger commissions on each sale than, for example the book at the top of the page. Selling a higher ticket item makes affiliate marketing more sustainable not only because it offers a greater commission for each sale but that it can also help to offset advertising costs. Larger ticket items make paid advertising more of a viable proposition. Smaller value items are harder to sell and make profit through paid advertising.  Rather than having to sell 100 smaller value items at $50 to make $5000, you can sell 10 items at $500 for example for the same commission. Or even sell 1 item at $5000.

High Levels Of Commission

Affiliate marketing can offer up to 50% commissions on certain items which is what can make it so lucrative. Because the seller of the affiliate product doesn’t have the costs associated with a ‘physical’ business such as business premises, staff, and delivery charges, they can pay more to have an affiliate do much of the selling. Since many products are digital products and they can be accessed remotely and automatically downloaded. Once the products have been created there is little cost involved.

What’s Involved in Making Online Profits?

Anyone can learn how to be an affiliate marketer. If you can use an email then you can learn how to do everything else. You can access an online course here which will show you the skills involved. Learning the skills and implementing them will take some time but once you have implemented them you can start to earn profits. As your knowledge grows, so will your earnings. However, like any business an online business will take time and effort and results will largely depend on you.

online profits for dummies

Building Content

A larger part of an affiliate marketers job is building content to attract visitors to. This can be videos, articles, podcasts or whatever. By delivering valuable content and providing answers for your customers questions, you can deliver various products and services which will be most appropriate for them.


You can also simply advertise to build an online business and you can do this without the use of a website. However, it is worth having several forms of online interaction. Advertising is of course more costly than providing your own content. Learning how to advertise is a skill in itself and you can learn how to build a website (largely automated), create content, create online adverts and learn how to link to affiliate products here.

Linking To Online Products

Once you have a platform online such as a website or an advert, you can link to various products and services. The makers of the products will give you the links which are tracked to your affiliate account. When a sale is made from your affiliate account, you are credited with that sale through the tracking of your affiliate link.

Learn more about online profits for dummies, building an online business, creating content and linking to affiliate memberships products and high ticket products here.